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MG MGF Technical - power steering

Can anyone assist me with - Our mgf 1988 compliance bought new three months ago has had numerous power steering shutdowns causing steering problems was there a call back on this particular model to fix the problem in the uk ? and if the battery was disconnected how long would the memory last on the computer ?

Hi Chris,

Due to the fact that not all Fs have ABS-brakes that also gives a kind of speed-related signal a special speed-signal from the speedometer via a reed-relay is needed for EPAS. The relay is a tiny glass-cylinder with 2 magnetic toungs (spell?) about 0,5 mm apart. Every time the speedo-cable makes a turn a small magnet forces the tounges to make contact. This in turn gives a electrical signal to EPAS system = car is on the move ! If this one for some reason fails EPAS system fails. Another input is from rev.-counter ,ie. if engine is working. All this calculates EPAS effort to help in steering when steering wheel is turned.
So both inputs should be checked by dealer with "Test Book"- computer.

As far as I know "memories" in MEMS- computer doesnt need any back-up = will stay tuned indefenatly even when main battery is disconnected.

Regards , Carl.

If you blip the throttle to high RPM while stationary, the EPAS will shut down until the engine is killed and re-started. Could be driver error rather than malfunction.
George B.

Thank-you Carl and George for your info ! But unfortunatly the f only has steering problems on the move, could it be a faulty e-pas system ? is it common ? a friend has the same model car and she has had a new chip for the steering put in my Question is how dangerous is the problem at higher speeds 60-100kph ?
please reply
Chris ,sydney

I am having problems with the EPAS on my 97 VVC - it cuts out whilst driving and it sometimes decides to turn left all by itself (the subject of a previous thread). It is currently inder repair at a dealers - they believe it is due to faulty sensors in the steering column - but have recommended the column and EPAS ECU are changed.
I will let you know if this has fixed it!
jason harris

On the first day I picked up my new replacement F, the ePAS light came on 500yards down the road from the dealership and I drove it back. the ePAs light went off after I turned off the ignition and turned it on again. The dealer said it's nothing serious. It happened again a year later, same thing. just had the MG garage looked at it today and tells me that the epas control terminal is faulty and needs to be replaced. I am just 10 days out of the first year warranty and they are asking for sight of my extended warranty - given by Rover for free because of previous problems with the previous F. So hopefully will get it replaced under warranty.

Hey Jody,

Long time no see! dont't forget to let me know when you have your next barbecue (if summer ever comes :-(), Chris, definately sounds like a sensor fault. It's only happened to me once in two and a half years and that was my fault. You should be able to get the dealer to sort it out if it's still under warranty.

Hey joadie and micheal , thanks for your reply the f seems to have sensor problems in the e-pas system but would that alone steer the cer off the road?

Hey Jody !
what are you doing to your F's ?
the electronics always become crazy ... you've got to speak to your car friendly ;))

I looked at these postings yeaterday and guess what? Yep, the EPAS decided it was going on strike on the way home. Restarted it and it was okay until I was going around a roundabout and it packed in again. Its off to the dealers next week, still under warranty.
EPAS and ESP seem to be at odds!

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