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MG MGF Technical - Power steering

MG - F 1999, Electric power assist failed comes and goes when it likes. Anyone know the best location for new replacement steering colunm.


Steve James

I woul not think a replacement steering column would be the solution. Check the electrics and Rob's site on EPAS first.
Andrew W Regens

Steve, see Dieter's site. Should be there.

Definitely doesn't sound like a problem with the steering column - a problem with the ECU or its wiring connections seems more likely.

I recall that Cannonball Bob had a similar problem with his EPAS - and got a number of clicking sounds from relays after a prolonged lay-up.

Interesting I've had similar problems with the EPAS intermittently causing problems like this. Not sure what the problem is exactly - possibly dirty contacts somewhere?
Rob Bell

Thanks people

Funny thing Rob B the car is not used much anymore -stand by for the kids mainly and was laid up for over six months. My local MG guys pulled and pushed every plug in sight (getting lazy in my old age). This is reminiscent of the fuel pump being isolated by the security processor under the radio - lasted 3 months pushed all the wires in the gang plug and the problem went away.

Andrew is "Rob" the same Rob Bell?

Yes Steve the one and only!!!!!.
Andrew W Regens

LOL Andrew!

Steve - as I recall, Bob didn't have much joy either with this approach. Which perhaps suggests a problem within the ECU itself. I've not taken one apart - but Dieter may have done... search his website on
Rob Bell


Do the easy thing first and try cleaning the big fuse under the bonnet (n/s near the top mount of the shock absorber) that powers the EPAS, just in case it's corroded and/or a bad contact is confusing/upsetting the EPAS ECU.

There is one connector on the steering column but it's really well made, so shouldn't give problems, but you could WD40 it. The multiplug on the ECU (mounted up/behind the glovebox) could be the issue and need a clean. Otherwise it's replace the ECU or column sensoor and hope that the first one you change cures it.

I hope this helps

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