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MG MGF Technical - Power steering column

A friend of mine has some problems with the steering on his (1999) F 75th LE. The steering wheel seems to be quite loose compared to my F. To my knowledge the steeringwheel column is only attached on 4 places, marked with red circles in the following picture:

The blue dots is where the bracket connects to the column. The bolts with which the column attatches directly to the car (not the ones on the bracket) are made in such a way the column can "extend" a little.

I've seen no differences on his car compared to mine. However the connection which is marked with a arrow is loose on his column giving it some (allot) of play. It seems to me it should be "pressed" together and should not be able to come loose in any circumstances.

Can anyone confirm this ?

Thanks !


I am not entirely sure what the arrow is pointing at Sander - but usually excess play in the steering column means that the shearable bolt(s) have failed - which is something that usually only happens when the car has been in an accident.

Either way, the car will likely fail a safety inspection...

Sorry I can't be of more help - will be interesting to see what the other guys think!
Rob Bell

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the reply, and you're right; this car has been in an accident indeed. Where is this "shearable" bolt(s) located ? I don't know what it is.

The arrow is indicating the place the metal " guidance" tube goes into the aluminium housing on which the motor for the power steering is also mounted.

I think the "tube' should be pressed in there when the column was made (with great force) and it shouldn't come/be loose.

IIRC, these 'safety' bolts are located a little further up the column - you've highlighted them in red on that picture link Sander.

I think that Dieter may have more details...?
Rob Bell

Found exactly the problem on Dieters website:

These parts should be "welded" (molded) into place

Is it possible to "fix" this or would we be better off buying a new column ?

Thanks ! ;)


Unfortunately, these parts are not designed to be replaced Sander :o( - although it would be possible to drill out the plastic studs and replace with bolts or rivets. But then the steering column would not move as it is designed to in an accident.

Best option is to replace the steering column - not cheap, but the best option IMO
Rob Bell

>be better off buying a new column ?
of course, when you are below 65 ;)

I think it could get repaired though. Thought about a repair already when I took the above picture.

Drill out and replace the plastic (mold) with two component adhesive. This should be a special _thick_ stuff that not just runs away in all gaps while getting hard. Support and seal holes and gaps with some tape when getting in the adhesive.

Difficult to describe (for me). The advesive must not adher all parts together, but only fill the holes and build this kind of rivets.

Thanks Dieter !

We've found a second hand one, but it's with adjustable steeringwheel height. Will this bolt straight on a MK1 F or are other modifications needed ?


Never tried myself. Can't recall any reason why it should do it.
Anyway, I know you will try it and tell us the result.


It should bolt in - but like Dieter, not tried it. Let us know how you get on! :o)
Rob Bell

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