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MG MGF Technical - power steering stopped working

the power steering has just suddenly stopped working on my mgf i was just warming the engine up ready to change the oil and filter so had the rear of the car up on ramps when i went to turn the engine off i noticed the steering light had come on is there a fuse that may have blown or could i have caused something to break while doing my oil change? any help would be much appreciated
jeremy babb


Get registered and search the archive as there are loads of references but ...

yes there is a fuse under the front bonnet near the battery, flat translucent box about tabpack size with IIRC ABS written large upon it.

Also seem to remember some form of 'fail safe' if engine/rear wheel speed exceeds front wheel speed by too much.

Did you run it in gear with wheels off road? have you been for a drive to reset everything?
John Ponting

I think it could be the known fail save mode due to his *warm up*.

Jeremy, did you let it just idle or let it turn at increased revs ? (foot on accelerator pedal?)
Dieter K.

i had the car idliing at first then increased the revs to make sure the oil was nice and hot as i was using an engine flush could this have triggered the fail safe how is it reset ?
jeremy babb

Jeremy, take the car for a decent drive after pulling the under bonnet fuse out and putting it back. All should reappear.
John Ponting

This is quite normal.
The EPAS will fail if engine RPM mismatches roadspeed for any length of time.
It should reset either when you drive the car and gain a roadspeed signal input, or when you recycle the ignition.

did you get it sorted Jeremy?
John Ponting

By the way Jeremy, when I say the EPAS "fails" I mean it switches itself off in reponse to not "knowing" how fast the car is going and thus not knowing when to cut-out the EPAS. It works on the principle that having no power steering at lower speeds is safer and easier to adapt to than having the steering permanently powered.

all sorted thanks for all your help
jeremy babb

This thread was discussed between 05/09/2003 and 10/09/2003

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