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MG MGF Technical - Power Steering warning light

Anyone know a simple fix to turn off the dash warning light when the 75A fuse is removed? I prefer the steering without the power assistance but the light's a bit irritating!

Many thanks

JN Davies

Go to, and from Technical, DIY and common problems drop-down box, select EPAS over-ride circuit.

Graham Martin

Thanks Graham - Jonathan, direct link here for Will's instructions:

The relay is very easy to fit - and is certainly a bit more practical than removing the 40A fuse (don't ask me why it is labelled as "75A Max") everytime you want to increase steering feel!
Rob Bell

Can you remind me or the details? IIRC the Power Steering goes off if you hold the revs at 2000 for 30 secs without forward motion or something like that.
Steve Ratledge

Sorry Steve? Not sure what you're asking?
Rob Bell

There is a procedure by which the power steering switches it self off. It related to a certain level of revs for a certain period of time whist not moving. I just can't remember what the details are
Steve Ratledge


Have a look at................

Tony Thompson

I can't remember how long sustained high-rpm and no speed signal is required to trigger the fault light Steve. There may be more on it in the archives.

Nice page there BTW Tony :o) The lower cable always seems to fail in the same place (your picture looks almost the same as my cable appeared after it failed). I wonder why this is? The cable doesn't change direction particularly sharply in this location...?
Rob Bell


Re your original post.

Removing the bulb I think is the only way to switch off the bulb. All the override circuit allows you to do is swich off epas without removing the fuse. This still illuminates the bulb.
Leigh Reid

Thanks everyone. I think the bulb will have to come out until I can summon the courage for some under-dash wiring

Jonathan Davies

From the link I gave:

"Now press the EPAS by-pass switch. The EPAS should switch off (it will be a good deal harder now to turn the steering wheel), -->but the EPAS warning light should remain off.<-- Now release the by-pass switch. The EPAS warning light will momentarily illuminate prior to switching off again, indicating that EPAS is functioning normally; the steering will once again be easy to turn at rest."

This mod apparently does exactly what you wanted.
Graham Martin

Indeed it does Graham - got this little modification on my car - it switches off both the EPAS AND the EPAS warning light :o)
Rob Bell

I've been meaning to try this mod for ages and have now finally got around to ordering the switch, but the relay listed on the site is NLA. Anybody know of a suitable and direct replacement?

Thanks in advance

Graham Martin

Any relay with a switching capacity of 5- 10Amps should do the trick Graham :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob. Have also just noticed similar thread running on another forum, in which an alternative relay is suggested.

Graham Martin

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