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MG MGF Technical - Problem fitting brake pads

So ... I've removed the old pads (with about 3mm material left on them !!!) and I've slipped the EBC Greenstuff into slots either side of the disc. Now I swing the caliper down and ... ahhh the new pads are too thick or more rightly the caliper is not wide enuff. How do I widen it ? I assume its the inner part that needs pushing in if u know what I mean ...


when I hadmy EBCs fitted recently at the friendly local garage (can you really see me getting my nails dirty doing it myself?? no? neither could I :o) ) I saw the chap go at it with a big pair of "pliers" (whatever they are called) and the calipers with the new pads swung into place easily. Is that what you are talking about?

I normally use a g-clamp for this 'problem'. Just have to be careful and not cause any damage obviously. Just a case of pushing the piston(s) back before you slide the new pads in - making sure the reservoir (sp?) on the brake system master cylinder does not over flow. HTH.

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Paul Lathwell

There's a kind of wide blunt bladed tool (whose technical name I forget for now) you are meant to use for this to push the pistons back into the calipers, but I suspect that Paul's suggestion will work just fine!

Rob Bell

... alternatively use the old pad as a buffer and lever against that. As a guide push back the caliper piston until it is flush with the caliper body face.

Also ensure that the sliding mechanism is fully free. It is possible that you may need to 'excercise' it a little with siding back and forth manually.

Check that the new pads are a sliding fit in the grooves. If they are tight then clean off the paint which is usually the reason for the sticking and apply a little copper grease just to those ends.

Roger Parker

The other thing to watch, of course, is what is happening to the fluid level in the master cylinder.

As you push the slave pistons right in, you could be "brim full" (or worse!). This is particularly true if the fluid has been either topped up or replaced.

(Its also worth pumping the brake after you're fitted the first side so as to displace as much fluid as possible to give room for the other side!)


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