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MG MGF Technical - Problems bleeding the clutch

After my recent drama with the clutch (see broke again) I finally got time to work on the car.

1. Checked the master cylinder no obvious problems.
2. Checked the slave cylinder and found that the front dust boot had fallen off, cleaned off actuating rod and refitted boot.
3. Attempted to bleed slave cylinder using the following tried and tested method; pump pedal hold down and slowly release bleed nipple.

Done all of the above, however no air or fluid comes out of the nipple, I taken the nipple off, just to check for debris, nothing its as clean as a whistle. Repeated the process still nothing, no fluid no air (the clutch now works fine, no problems selecting gear). Bled the master cylinder from top union (no air present).

Can any one please explain why I cant bleed the slave cylinder from the bleed nipple, as I have never come across a self bleeding system (its a VVC if that makes any difference) .

Many thanks for any comments/suggestions

Les Lewis

If you take the bleed nipple right out and nothing comes out then maybey there's no path drilled thru from slave cylinder to the bleed nipple area?

Poke a bit of wire up it to investigate.


John Thomas

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