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MG MGF Technical - Problems Starting MGF

I am having problems starting my MGF. I have been keeping it the garage over winter and the battery went flat. I charged it up for 2 days solid and put it back in the F. However, now when I go to start the engine, it just doesn't want to kick in. The starter is going, and occasionaly it seems to almost make it. I have tried the suggestions that are in the manual, such as depressing the clutch, having the throttle half depressed and fully depressed, but nothing seems to work. I would appreciate any advice on this one.

Many thanks, Andy

Plug leads are the usual culprits.

Try drying the engine with a hairdyer, if this fixes it get a set of magnecor leads fitted


Thanks Brian,

I'll give this a go. Would the plugs be culprits, or just the leads?



If it's been in the garage then the plug leads don't sound like the problem, they usually cause a problem when wet.

When you first turn on are you hearing the fuel pump(sounds like an electric ariel for about 3 seconds)?
Will Munns


Actually the garage does leak! There is a small pool of water around the front and sides of the car - something I will have to resolve when the weather turns better...

Yes, I can hear the sound when I turn the ignition on. As you say, it sounds like an electric aerial, or small electric motor running.

Regards, Andy

All sorted now... after a bit more persistence she started last night. Took a while but all in good order... - now can any one recommend a good mg specialist in the Cambridgeshire area...I have my 60K service coming up this year?

thanks again, Andy
A P Wrench

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