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MG MGF Technical - Progress with TF conversion.

I just thought I'd write a little something on an MG F to TF conversion as I'm currently in the process of doing one.

My F is a '51 reg, so could also be an early TF. I wanted a TF all along but the F came along and I snapped it up. I was delighted to learn afterwards that it is possible to convert an F to look like a TF and I set about sourcing the required parts.

Being in Germany of course, this was difficult and in the end everything came from the UK. The bumpers and armature were kindly driven over by a mate and I haven't yet taken care of the boot lid. For those that aren't aware, the wings on the F and TF are the same, so in order to convert to TF look the bumper and headlights at the front need to be changed, and the bumper and bootlip (optional) at the back need to be changed. The only other visual difference between the cars is the side vents (the rear wings are different), which are squarer on the TF. This is obviously a big job, so I suspect I'll leave that bit as it is.

I found both bumpers and the headlights (LHD type) quite cheaply even though the bumpers both needed some work. I got a bumper armature (the bit that attaches the front bumper to the car) from a scrap yard in Kent, which really was a lucky find as those bits are hard to find. And I got the required h/lamp mounting brackets and bits of wiring from Victoria at the MG centre. I also got fog lights and a badge from people on eBay.

From reading stuff online, the changing of the front bumper/head lights is the hardest part as welds have to be drilled out and a couple of new holes have to be made. At the moment both bumpers are at the body shop being patched up a bit and sprayed the required Tahiti blue. The body shop people have also offered to have a go at changing the bumpers over after I created some basic instructions in German for them (with help of Girlfriend).

So all being well, the bumpers should be the right colour and ready tomorrow. That being the case, I'll need to take them the car and hopefully the whole thing won't take too long, but I suspect won't be ready until after Easter.

I'll link to some pictures when it's all done! I'm quite excited about the whole thing. I know that the car will not be original anymore, but there will always be original ones about and most people seem to get involved with the darkside at some point! And at least it's darkside involving simply different original MG parts ;-)

(it's the same thing as when I converted a Triumph Toledo to look like a Dolomite Sprint, those were the days)

Chris Heinrich Perkins

Hi Chris,

I'd be interested in your progress.

I'm currently collecting all the bits to do the same conversion.

Keep us posted and good luck with it!


The sills are a different profile - which always gives the game away on an F converted to look like a TF.

IIRC Victoria was looking into having moulds taken off a TF so you could attach plastic over sills to an MGF to complete the look - but haven't heard any more on that project.

The ultimate answer is to remove the existing sills and rear wings, and relace them with TF items - which is exactly what they did with the MGF Cup cars when they were converted to TF specification. It's an option here - but clearly not a cheap one!!!

Keep us posted, and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos! :o)
Rob Bell

I heard rumours that someone was looking into creating something to disguise the sills/wing. I wonder how it's progressing as I wouldn't rule out such a kit.
Chris Heinrich Perkins

Have you considered the headlight electrical connector which I understand is different ??
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Oh yes, I knew about that. I got 2 TF connectors from the MG Centre to graft onto the existing wiring for the lights/indicators. Apparently the wire colours are the same, they just have a different pin location on the plug.
Chris Heinrich Perkins

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