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MG MGF Technical - prt thermostat - fitting of :stories please!

Hello everyone,

Am new to MGF ownership and after looking at the forums have decided to buy a thermostat and housing that fits on the outlet side of the engine - as soon as QED can make them!
Has anyone bought and fitted one to a MGF vvc model already? If so, was it a hard job? Any tips appreciated!
KS Gould

Me too!


I would buy one from Rover rather than QED, the rover one is designed to have a high volume bypass
Will Munns

Tried rimmer bros this afternoon but they said that they couldn't sell me a part that wasn't specifically for my car. How do I get one from Rover, what is the issue with volume bypass?
KS Gould

Full Throttle Racing were advertising a full PRT kit with all the fittings and instructions for £152.75 inc VAT

FTR Tel. No. 01905 794234
C Tideswell

Thanks for that, C Tideswell will call them tomorrow.
KS Gould

I just bought the OEM prt stuff from my dealer at 100 EUROS. I noticed the stat wasn“t in my parts box. Will check if -based on partn° - it had to be otherwise 100 EURO would be the price for OEM prt items,
David Peters

@ David,

.... wrong dealer ;)
You should have walked to Land Rover :)
May be of use now.

For shopping list at MGR

>Tried rimmer bros this afternoon but they said that they couldn't sell me a part that wasn't specifically for my car.
*g* ... tell them you own VIN SARRDWBKC5D641658 (RHD)


is the best place to source these a dealership then?



My Rover dealer had a Landrover conversion set in stock, but we looked together at the EPC mgtf parts and realised some other parts changed too. Thats why we decided to go for the stock TF replacement parts and not the landlover set, atlhough he gave me a fair chance to buy it, I declined. So its me whos the stubborn guy, not the dealer. Kinda what my wife says *LOL*



Have a look at Carlo's site - it has some very useful information that relates to the Elise, but could be applied to the F and early TF:
Rob Bell

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