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MG MGF Technical - Push button start

I am thinking of fitting a push button start to my MGF has anyone done this before if so where is the best place to get them and where is it best to fit it?
David Smith

Check out the archives. There are a few threads about this subject, including a very recent/long/in depth thread.

i fitted one about 4 weeks ago it re-placed the cig lighter i still used the light to light it up at a night ,most of them still use the key when fitted so you have a choise of two methods of starting,they usley only have about 4 wires to wire them up,mine i had the ing, side of it taken out so it will only start on the button, i also had a wire fitted so if it waas to fail it would only take a couple of min's to change over. if you knew were the wire was???????? it is also verry difficault to press the button accidently once started,unless you cant help playing with it, was it worth it YES, does it make any diffrence to the car NO,dut it does impress people when they see it ,mine is on a mgtf 12mts old,even when i took it for a service the staff at the mg rover. thought it was cool,not every body will like it ,but they are the one's that drive around on a hot summer's day with the roof up..
p atherley

I've had mine in my car for a few months now. Again it's where the cigar lighter used to be; personally I still love it!!

Anyway, a little bit of info on the Honda S2000 button for you (what I have fitted). This is a long barrel and requires some serious modification with the help of a dremmel + a little bit of pruning to the gear lever casing to fit it in :) So if you're prepared for that then I can highly recommend it as it was probs the best looking one that I found when looking (IMO).


where abouts are you in Hampshire as I wouldn't mind a look at one of these push button starts in mine - was it expensive?

Mike Gibson
M R Gibson

Actually I was put down by the idea of a starter button once I knew you still need the key.

Wouldn't it be nice to simply be equipped with the alarm pad/knob and nothing else ? Open the car using the pad/knob then push the button. Does anybody consider this solution or put the question otherwise, did somebody try this mod ?

T how would you stop the engine?
Will Munns

Push the button again ? After all it would have to go through all ignition cycles to start, do the reverse to stop (afaik,imho).

North Hants Mike, around Fleet area.

The button costs around 45 if I recall; plus relay, wiring etc...

Do you work in IBM Basingstoke?

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