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Ladies and gentlemen,
Has anybody experience of MG garages in this area? The dealer I bought my MGF year 2000 1.8 vvc from was either good or down right rubbish. I actually fixed basic faults in minutes, where this dealer had spent at least 40 minutes and failed, and then said "book it in for futher investigation". That means pounds!!!!! Also normal servicing from them was so bad. Oil grossly overfilled. A supposed fix meant the car came back with the steering wheel 30 degrees offset from the straight ahead position.
What info. can you give on Thomas Day in Fleet.
Long distance, what about Falla Classics near Bournmouth.
Techspeed and B&G really are too far.

Chris, Don't know how far you're actually prepared to travel, but many years ago when living in Woking, Trident, Ottershaw were good, and they've also been recommended several times on this BBS more recently.

Mike H
Mike Hall

I was with the same problem, MG Stealer in Farnham (mentioning no names) showed poor attitude & customer service. Trident Ottershaw were helpful but under refurb when I visted. Usual dealer costs though. In the end I got my VVC serviced (cambelts) at McAllister & Brown in Farnborough. Advertised as independant Rover specialist and were very good & helpful. Did a good job too at reasonable prices.

Out of interest I asked for all the parts replaced because I wanted to see the state of the belts. My VVC only has 38k but is 5 years old. No visible cracking but better to be safe!!.


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