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MG MGF Technical - Question 4 Mike Satur


A quikie ... I have a noticeable amount of vibration in my steering wheel when the car is not moving. Also at speed on uneven road surfaces the steering wheel shakes a bit, again enuff to be notieable and annoying. I'm assuming the steering column is at fault here rather than mere wheel balancing (joints/bushes maybe ?).



PS. Also, your green leather gaiters, are they the same shade of green piping found on the black VVC half leather seats ?

On the same track, I have this vibration in the steering wheel when accelerating
hard. I suspect bad tires/tracking (front tires have 25000 miles on them)?

Tracking was check in March when the car got lowered using the Rover lowering
Andreas Holzhammer


I think of two possibilities;
1. The top bracket of the steering column is not properly tightened,
2.Either a loose engine mounting or a mis-firing of one cylinder...

ad.1.Easily checked : try moving your steering wheel up & down holding it in "12.30" position.
ad.2.Test of exhaust fumes tells a lot...

Good luck!

if a sparking plug is the reason, it vibrates indeed, but not that much, and your engine should sound almost like a V6. Try to rev it high, you'll notice the lack of oompf quite quickly (couldn't get past 105 mph on 3 cylinders once ;-)

probably steering column or even parallel-bar that got somewhat a kick. Could cause extra pressure on one of the wheels. Go to big parking and do test of pulling totally to right and then to left. If you got understeer on a side: that indicates where the bar is pushing too much on the wheel.

Got this not so long ago and my test result turned out to be 100% accurate :-P
Dirk Vael

Got the vibration with my F fixed...

There were _two_ screws missing from the engine mounting at the oil pan (translation
from altavista???)

Probably the forgot to install them when they repaired the right engine mounting...

Did I say today that there are really bad Rover garages out there?
Andreas H

Gaz, this is a difficult one as it could be any one or number of things that is causing the problem(s).Check all the obvious things like bushes,engine mounts, misfires etc until you can eliminate it.The vibration whilst not moving could be a misfire or even a clutch out of balence. Sorry for not being any more specific than this.Mike.

Sorry Gaz, I dont want to worry you, but do you have a
plastic intake manifold? If you do and you have a misfire in cylinder 1, I am afraid you are about to experience a HGF...
Sometime ago there was a rover report on this somewhere
on this site!

This thread was discussed between 13/06/2000 and 15/06/2000

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