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MG MGF Technical - Question for Rob Bell please (k&n)

Hi All, Hope Rob doesn,t mind me posting his name,i have been looking at his web site and the enclosed rover air box mod looks a great next upgrade.
Just one question for Rob or anyone who has done the upgrade ,how much of the induction noise do you loose with the K&N now being enclosed???
Many Thanks Mel ..(can,t fit any more chrome on the f so now looking at proper upgrades !!)
m e johnson

Hi Mel

Not too sure on the noise comparison because I enclosed mine straight away but it does still have a nice induction roar.
However it was easy to fit and has definately made a difference to my VVC - it all seems a bit more 'eager' to rev than before. Cold air is drawn from the left hand intake in my case.

Good luck with the mod. I have pictures I can email you if required but I don't think they are any more helpful than the ones on Robs's site.


I have just replaced my K&N after 2 years with a Taipan cold air induction kit. Yes you do lose the K&N induction roar BUT you gain power, I prefer power to roar.
Andrew Regens

Thanks Guys, Andy did you use the Rover box like Rob?
I notice when my engine is cold it is more free reving and as it warms up the performance drops , so this is why i,d like to do the mod.
Some of the induction noise left would be good.

m e johnson

The only problem is that the rover airboxes are as rare as hens teeth.
I Brown

I think you might be right,as one scrap yard put it rare as "Rocking horse Sh*t"
I,m in no rush i,ll have a look on ebay aswell i,ll keep you posted........
m e johnson

<Andy did you use the Rover box like Rob?>
Yeah I did use a rover box - a mate picked me one up from Furbers scrappy- think it was off a 2.0l Montego or something similar - wasn't an 820 anyhow. Filter fits a treat as the box hold it tight when the lid id clipped into place :-)

Other options ? Home made - you could fabricate one out of thin sheet steel.....or there is a lot of 'plantpot' talk on 'the other' forum - a few of the guys are making their own from plant pots ! Can't see why that wouldn't work either !!

Good luck - Andy

I made one from an SMA tin!
Steve Ratledge


IIRC Andy used the airbox from a Meastro, he also (Again IIRC) used some of the heater pipes from the same car to run the intake to the side airvent!..

Meets this thursday 22nd, same time/place ;O)

Hhhmmmmm must read ALL the posts in future!! :o/

Hi,Mark looking forward to the next meet ,see you there, must have a look at all your upgrades ....Andy ,if you and Dave are there i,ll have a look at your air box upgrade if you don,t mind .......must look into this plant pot upgrade as me and Dave must have loads knocking about ;0))..
Cheers Mel.........
m e johnson

Hi Steve , was it MSA Gold tin for hungrier babies or the MSA Blue starter tin (from memory)used for the air box mod.
Does either one of the tins used effect performance or noise levels ( of the mgf ....or child !!) :0))..
Cheers ..Mel
m e johnson

IIRC, Steve's tin's red, so SMA gold ;o)

The Rover 820 is very rare now - I've not seen one for ages, and I've been on the look out for Valter!

Other options do include 2.0litre EFi Maestros and Montegos - but again, these ain't that common anymore either :o(

IIRC some Fiats may have used a cylindrical airbox - more of an option for those closer to Italy I think ;o)

Induction roar? Not sure how much is lost, as I fitted a sports exhaust before the change, which effectively masked the K&N anyway... but from what others say, I think that it is still audible and sounds as good as ever Mel :o)
Rob Bell

Hiya Mark
Mostly right there !
I bought the pipework from an industrial supplier in Widnes (my old home town LOL) was about 8 quid I think

LMAO at Mel and big Dave with all the flowerpots - he he. Would love to show ya the mods BUT see below (again). Can email pics if you would like to put you on till we get together next

Meets this thursday 22nd, same time/place ;O)"
GRRRRRRR.........nights again for me...:o(

Please have a get together when I am not working guys............:o)

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