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MG MGF Technical - Quick Q re Headlight Protectors

I've got myself a pair of headlight protectors from Ebay and was wondering whether anyone can shed any light as to whether they should have two or three fixings on them?

I've got two fixings on the bottom of the plastic protectors, but at the moment they stick out like so...

Front of car / <-- headlight protectors

There's a hole at the top of the protectors that looks as though it might have another clip to attach it at the top, but I don't appear to have those fixings.

Any ideas peeps?


J Gordon

Your right the hole at top is for another fixing,can email you pic if of mine on car if you send email address, Dave.
DC Morris T6 DCM

Have emailed you Dave.
Thanks for the offer.

J Gordon


You should have two identical fixings for the lower edge ( zig zaggy things with plastic headed bolts )There should be a third fixing ( much longer ) without a bolt , which hooks over the headlight when the bonnet is open. Sounds like you are definately missing some parts. It should show all of them on the instruction sheet.


A fixing at the top would definitely sort out the problem that I have at the mo.. Any ideas where I might get mine from as I've obviously bought a dud from Ebay.. That'll teach me I guess.

You should be able to get them from Moss - they come in a seperate bag from the protectors themselves so they might split them for you.

This thread was discussed between 05/10/2003 and 06/10/2003

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