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MG MGF Technical - Radiator replacement recommendations

Took the Trophy to be 4 wheel tracked yesterday (well worth it if you haven't already had it done) and whilst it was on a ramp noticed coolant leaking from the front.

After the initial panic had subsided it was determined that the radiator had failed about two inches up from the bottom and was leaking under pressure.

I've sourced a new aluminium radiator and was quite prepared to change it myself except that having read of the traumas of bleeding the system correctly I'm inclined to look for someone with experience to swap it for me.

Two questions really.

1. Can anybody recommend a good specialist in the Preston/Lancashire area to do this for me?

2. If the system is to be totally drained is this a good time to consider a remote thermostat and would you prefer a QED item of the Eliseparts unit?

All ideas gratefully received.


David AP

You may have been wise sorting out your own radiator.

Mine was replaced by a well known and reputable dealer and charged for the proper Rover part. When it rotted through again only 18 months later, it turned out to be a pattern part.

I've had a mg specialist tell me they refuse to fit any parts supplied by the customer. It becomes too much hassle to sort out liability if it fails.
Trevor Hobden

On my Trophy I've changed over to the QED RT and it works well and it's easy to fit. The hardest part is taking out the original thermostat. Bleeding is not a problem just make sure you bleed air from the various parts of the system.
Blue Pocket Rocket

Bleeding isn't difficult at all, getting at the old thermostat is 95% of the job of switching to the PRT. The Rover item is the one to go for.
Will Munns

changing the rad is not that difficult you have 3 bleed points one on rad one on the heater and one on the coolant hose near the air box.

and No.4 at the "jiggle valve" that sadly is often forgotten to clear/clean up.Do it with a small wire into the hose.More about it in the archive.
Carl Blom

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