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MG MGF Technical - Radio Problems

My 2002 mgtf has a Pioneer Radio Cassette installed, which I assume is not the original, and I do not have a user manual. I have two problems with the radio. Firstly I cannot get it to remember my pre-set radio stations. I am pressing and holding one of the "P" buttons whilst on the channel I want and it does give a beep after a couple of seconds but it never remembers next time. Secondly the face of the radio does not light up so it is difficult to see the channel details. Can anyone help?
L Peppin

It sounds like there is not a constant live feed to the unit, this would enable power when ignition is switched off which would save your stations. At the moment you have a switched live ie. when the ignition is on. Not sure about the screen lght though.

It may be that the permanant live feed is disconnected or not working? That would explain the preset problem, as when you turn the ignition off it will lose the memory without a permanant live feed. The lights could possibly be fed by the same live feed...?

Tim Jenner

Stuart beat me by 10 seconds! :)
Tim Jenner

Thanks both. How do I recognise the permanant live feed?
L Peppin

Someone on here will know the colour, or a small electriacl probe with a light to show which wire has power when ingnition is off.

Soory about last entry ..Someone appears to have moved my keyboard letters around !

it will be purple on the car (probebly with a stripe) and probebly yellow on the radio.
Will Munns

There should also be a switched live on the radio so that it comes on with the ignition otherwise you have to switch it on and off all the time .. They are probably mixed up from when the radio was fitted. Will sounds like he'd know what colour they are ?

Ok, thanks guys.
L Peppin

Yep my permanent feed is yellow
I Brown

This thread was discussed on 20/06/2006

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