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MG MGF Technical - RamAir Panel filter


To my utter disgust, and after numerous telephone calls to my insurance company, I am not allowed to install a K&N 57i induction kit on my F.

Saturday I went to B&G and happened upon the Ramair air filter for 26. I thought this might make a reasonable half-way house. Fitted it to the car today (1 minute to change filter, 30 minutes to get to engine bay) and took it for a spin.

Now I know you aren't going to get much in the way of extra BHP with this type of installation, but I noticed two things. First the engine doesn't range around when idling - the rev counter stays rock steady at under 1000rpm. Second, moving from 1000 to 3000 revs at low speeds seems much quicker. I guess this is a function of the engine getting a bigger gulp of air.

I must get to a meeting one day and go for a spin with someone that has the 57i for comparison!

Raj Jena
Raj Jena


May 1998 MG Enthuiast contains a test of several panel filters as well as cone filters.


If you go to the filter page of the technical section of you'll find the power curves from those tests.

With a K&N panel, I found that the throttle response was sharper, and the hesitation between 2,500-3,500 rpm had gone. Look at the torque curves, and the reason becomes apparent- the torque dip of the standard intake system has gone- a characteristic shared by all the panel filters tested. The full report is in that back issue of MG Enthusiast as Paul mentioned.

The next mod is to remove the elbow at the bottom of the standard airbox, and re-route the air intake to the near-side air vent. As Rog and others have found- much better power! :o) We plan to do this on Chris' car (don't we Chris ;o) so will take pictures of what we are up to.


Rob Bell

errr yes Rob ;-)

Would I be right in thinking that the panel filter simply replaces the existing filter element? If so do I really need to let my insurance company know? I suspect I would have to if we are going to re-route the induction tubing!

Chris George

That's exactly right Chris.

Strictly speaking all mods need to be reported to the insurance company- but then, how many investigators would look at the air filter element? ;->

Sorry, evil comment comming through there- yes, report it. And point out that it provides only 1-2 extra bhp!
Rob Bell

Raj, name and shame the insurance company... Who were they?

Steve Childs

Thanks for feedback folks. I don't think just changing the air filter is a "modification". I already told them about uprated EBC brake pads, and they had no problem with that.

Paul, I am interested in the idea about a more direct feed to the air box. Look forward to the piccies.

Insurance company is First Quote / MRB. I pay 320 for fully comp full NCB and a Cambridge post code, and car is parked on the street. Seems very competitive hence I didn't rock the boat. Company is based in Romford and may have dislike for Essex based drivers who modify their cars!

Raj Jena
Raj Jena

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