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MG MGF Technical - Rattle @ 3 - 3,5 revs

Since I had a new fuel-pump installed I hear a rattle when I run at about 3000 - 3500 revs.

It is clearly coming from the engine compartiment, and wondered whether it is possible that it is a problem with a valve or something. It seems a bit strange to me it only happens at a specific rev-point.

Any ideas???



Is it a rattle like sound?? Could it be pinging (sp?)? i.e. the same sound as you get from low grade fuel. Although this should only be noticeable at around 2000 revs. Just a guess.



Yep, definitely a rattling noise (sorry, I thought it was clear, bad translation from dutch)

Anyway, it really sounds like there is a screw lying loose on top of the engine (not the case, but just describing the sound the best I can).

Guess this doesn't help much, but I can't explain it better.

Are you english or dutch??



Could be the exhaust - most engines have a 'rough spot' where the vibrations show and that could also cause a damaged or worn exhaust to rattle.

Ted Newman


My theory regarding pinging usually only happens with low grade fuel (bad batch of 95?) and sounds like someone is playing the maracas just by your ear. I just thought of this as you have changed the fuel pump. Ted's theory is probably closer to the reason.

I'm English/Spanish (dual nationality). I came over from the UK to Holland for work and been away (US, Germany, Israel) but am now back again. Like it here. Now trying to learn the language - my girlfriend is helping ;-)

p.s. seen a lot more F's in Holland recently. Still more unique than in the UK though!

Thanx guys,

Guess I just have to stick my head under the car while my girlfriend hits the throttle (hopefully not in reverse gear) to listen.

The exhaust option sounds the most reasonable though. Fuel-level has (sadly enough) no influence.

David, I guess your dutch still s*cks. Got a lot of collegues from South Africa and Brittain, and they battle BIG time. Yep, the F's are pretty rare in Holland (good reason to buy one). Have seen only 3 in the last 2 months (saw a gorgeous blonde in one last week, waving like a madman, but NO reaction, you understand I am a bit frustrated now).


>>>>p.s. seen a lot more F's in Holland recently. Still more unique than in the UK though!

That's because all the ones you do see are new ones being driven by Brits to the ferry for export!
David Bainbridge

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