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MG MGF Technical - Rattle from engine bay


My 1.8 2001 MGF has 22000km's on the clock. Over the last couple of months, I've started to hear a rattle coming out of the engine bay when the car is in neutral and at running temperature e.g. stopped at the lights. The idling speed is normal, and the air con can be on or off when I hear it.

The odd thing is, this rattle stops when I put my foot on the clutch.

I'm soon to take the car in for the 25000km service. What I'm wondering if anyone has an idea what could be causing the noise? I'd like to be able to give the mechanics an idea so I don't have to stuff about and take the car down again if they don't fix it.

I've had a few niggling build quality issues with the car since I've bought it, most of which have been exacerbated by the fact that it takes about 3 months to get less common parts in from the UK i.e. the dipstick wiper and the driver door lock mechanism that triggers the headlight buzzer has been on the blink since day one. Its been almost 12 months, and after 3 unsuccesful attempts to correct it, the parts were ordered and have been enroute for over 2 months- moan. Needless to say, this is annoying given you can fly to the other side of the planet in less than 24 hrs. I also waited 2.5 months for a replacement gearstick knob which was threaded when I bought the car, and a hardtop heater switch for the dash. Good grief!

That said, I've had zero mechanical issues so far, and wouldn't trade the car for all the tea in china. Annoying issues aside, its a fabulous car to drive, and unless something goes horribly wrong mechanically during the warranty period, I'll be definitely keeping it.

David Crawford


Remember reading something like this before... and it ended up being the handbrake cable.

Matthew Minion

Are you sure it's not a VVC? :-)

i have the same problem , i will go to my dealer in 2 weeks , maybe they'll fix this problem....
wait and see..

I've got a similar problem with the TF - it's booked in to get the handbrake cable sorted on Friday. Symptoms, rattle when changing gear >4k revs or when revving car in neutral above 4k revs, when the cars moving (presumably because when it's not the hardbrakes on).


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