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MG MGF Technical - Rattle on 2001 Trophy - HELP

Hi all,

Need a little help..

have purchased 2001 Trophy...have a rattle coming from the driver side dash...any ideas??

Seems to go if you give it a gentle thump! But comes back again shortly.



steve Marsh

You've only gor ONE rattle, how do you do it?

I have some on my trophy, one is the passenger sun visor tapping on the screen surround and an other is the rear window zip tapping on hood frame.


Are you talking about the tail of the zip? If so there should be some velcro on the end which you can use to stick the tail to the side of the rear screen (and stop the noise). If you are talinking about the other end then there isn't anything you can do about it, other than maybe buying some velcro... ;-)


Had a good look around Steve's car the other weekend looking for this rattle. I can tell you what it is not, which may help.

It's not the windscreen brace / bar
It's not the dash retaining screws on the driver's side
It's not the fuse panel or any of the relays
It's not the bonnet hinge
It's not the shroud panel
It's not the instrument binnacle.

It might be the EPAS wiring loom (i didn't want to touch it in case it was part of the SRS system, the wiring is NOT yellow, so i am 99% sure it isn't, but it was an unfamiliar bundle of wires (so i assume EPAS) going to the steering wheel)

It might be the instrument cowl, this creaks when pressure is applied.

It might be the dash rubbing on the windscreen trim.

Scarlet Fever

Not the dashboard I know, but have you considered the hood catch as the source of the rattle? My drivers-side hood catch rattles a bit. I keep meaning to take a screwdriver to it, as I think it's just something that needs tightening up.

(2001 Trophy 160)


When driving, if you hold the dash in both hands and apply pressure the rattle stops, but soon as you remove your hands comes back!!

I have no idea?

Is it work taking it to brown and gammons or just get used to it?

Steve Marsh

Steve, make sure it's not the sunvisor rattling, otherwise get use to it as there will always be at leaast one rattle in the car, it's the way it's supposed to be. When the roof is down as it should be then you won't hear it anyway.
HTH Mike.

This thread was discussed between 11/05/2003 and 18/05/2003

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