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MG MGF Technical - Rattly VVC mechanism

97 / VVC currently having its 60k service (with Mel)...

I knew it had got a bit rattly, and also was aware that the oil wasn't on the full mark (but above the min) so I wasn't worried about it, assuming it'd "go away" when filled up with fresh oil.

Mel also noted the same thing and came to the same conclusion - a tappet not quite "oiling up" - and was surprised that it continued to "rattle" after the oil change.

Faithfull stethoscope (however you spell it!) indicated that the noise was coming from right over at the main belt end (#4 - I think) of the inlet cam.

He investigated a bit further (as he was taking the covers off to get to the cam belt anyway) and discovered some "play" in the bearings of what he is describing as a "pump" that works the VVC mechanism (I haven't seen it, so can't describe it better)

Arriva (H/W) didn't have one (surprise!) but they told him its a part they "normally stock" (which is an interesting pointer in itself). (I'm trying not to think about the price tag of it - its a lot!)

Anyone else had this problem (or any VVC-dismanteling journalistic custom part suppliers) and care to comment? Is he on the right track (he's quite convinced)?

NNW49 (or F259SLT today :-) )

Neil, sounds as though you have excessive play in the VVC assembly, the rattle is usually the bearing directly behind the cam wheel/gear and makes a diesel like rattle.Unfortunatly this bearing is not a serviceable part(yet) and the only cure is a new VVC assembly which comes with the camshaft,about 330 quid.The pump he could be reffering to is the hydraulic controller that actuates the VVC ,this sits on the top rh side of the head adjacent to the rh VVC, this has a piston with a nylon sealing ring which fits inside the housing.There are no bearings as such inside this unit.There is a repair kit that can be fitted which consists of the piston and seal and the gaskets required when refitting.I doubt that this is the cause of your problems though more likely the VVC unit unfortunatly.If he removes the VVC unit of the end of the cam he will be in deep sh*t trying to refit it.HTH.

Thanks Mike.

You're spot on - its the bearing in the VVC assembly (I popped in and looked on the way home - the joys of it being someone who works out of his garage who doesn't shut at 5:30). There's visible play in it.

I take it you've seen the problem too...

I THINK (hope?) he's fitted one before - he's worked on lots of K series engines... (though the cup cars weren't)

Now all we've got to do is to get a new one - have CAT sorted themselves out yet :-<


<who doesn't shut at 5:30). > Yeah right must go home, feed ,sleep..
Neil, I am sure your man knows his stuff but just to be safe remove the cam carrier and cam assembly to replace this item, it is not advisable (although possible) to replace the R side VVC outer assembly without doing this .

This thread was discussed on 23/10/2002

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