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MG MGF Technical - Re-cap on 'lots of steam everywhere'


Reference earlier subject heading. Last Saturday, I took my sister over to her brother-in-law's in

Bombing down the motorway, I noticed the temp guage
climbing fast to the danger area. Pulled over by junction 13 - lots of steam everywhere. This can't be happening - I've just had the inlet manifold gasket replaced, etc., etc.

Well brother in law drove out to meet me with a container full of water. Filled her up and drove carefully back home with water temp.guage remaining in its normal half way position.

Took it back to the garage yesterday. They discovered the water filler cap was not retaining pressure, so replaced it free of charge. Hopefully that is the end of the story, but I am checking the
water level daily until I get back my confidence in
my lovely MGf.


W.A. Pearson

Must have scared the h*ll out of you. Glad itīs sorted that easily.

Where is that picture taken. Wales? Canīt see that scenery in NH?
David Peters

Probably worth getting them to bleed the system again if the bottle was actually empty.

This B*** Cap which costs less than a couple of beers. I plan replace it every 2 years and keep one in my "Fly Away Kit" plus the little radiator bleed screw because the head breaks off when the mg specialist has overtightened it.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Hi! David,

The picture was taken in the Italian Dolomites
last June. I think it was there, but we did drive
through Switzerland to Italy and then back via
Austria and it was all fantastic alpine scenery, so
it could be anywhere we stopped for a photo call!!!

4 days of checking the water level and so far no
need to top up.

W.A. Pearson

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