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MG MGF Technical - Re: Wiper motor

OK story so far. Whining wiper motor, started fitting a replacement this afternoon, not quite finished due to getting dark too early.

Firstly any one thinking about this job, it's a bit of a B***ard until you manage to move the Motor linkage arm a little to facilitate removal.

I aquired a motor from an old LHD MG but I started to think will it rotate in the correct direction ..... Any thoughts.

Secondly I managed to loose a couple of bolts in the process (I'm normally pretty good about keeping them) So the other question is what size bolts are:

1. The bolts which hold the brake fluid resolvoir to the peddle box (the resolvoir thing beside the wiper motor)

2 The bolt which fixes the Wiper motor assembly to the Peddle box.

Definitions taken from Workshop manual Service repair 84.15.11


Tim (feeling a little foolish)
tim woolcott

Sorry Lost bolt No 1 is not from the Brake resolvoir but the Clutch master cylinder...
tim woolcott

OK I've got it all sorted.

Mind you it's not the easiest of jobs and plagued by hidden pit-falls.

Removal of all the plastic bits is pretty straight forward.

Undoing the 3 bolts is straigh forward. (one on each of the wiper spindles under the plastic grille and the bolt fixing the motor assy to the pedal box).

However, removing the assy from is location can be a bit of a sod. Pull it, push it, wiggle it it just doesn't come out. The trick is to ensure that you have removed the motor casing (two Torx screws) to allow the motor to spin freely, now the cam assembly can be moved a little to release it from it's location. I also found that snapping off the ball joint connector witha flat screwdriver to be very useful.

Once released removing the motor is straight forward, three bolts for the motor and one for the lever arm to the wiper assembly. Sounds all very easy. There is a pit fall here which is only found after installing the assembly again and fitting the wipers. The wipers may not return the correct location, they may over-shoot before coming to rest. As I discovered one must be careful to align the lever crank to the motor spindle correctly, if not the cam will start and stop somewhere around it's loci which is not the correct position. I managed to fix this with the aid of a 13mm ratchet spanner. Undo the motor spindle bolt (around the back of the motor and out of sight), locate the wipers correctly and replace teh bolt. mow the motor and wipers are working correctly.

I hope this will help anyone else needing to replace the wiper motor.

Cost in total.
20 quid Secondhand motor from Midland MGF
8 quid for a 13mm ratchet spanner
15p for a lost bolt.

MGR would quote in the region of 170 for the same job.

tim woolcott

Nice one Tim! :o)
Rob Bell

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