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MG MGF Technical - Rear Brake Discs Replacement

Had the car in for a pre-mot (well, real one before the old one expires) and the two failure points were a track rod end and the rear discs outer edge corroded to excess.

Track rod end I'm happy with as these are almost considered a service item with the 'F' (though 65 seems a bit on the dear side).

However, I've had a look at the brake discs and while the outer edge is indeed rusty, the rest of the disc appears to be fine, as are the pads. Braking performance as attested to on a recent run also seemed spot-on. To be honest I think whipping the rear wheels off and giving the edges of the discs a quick buff with some emmery paper would probably clean them up, but I'd prefer to leave alone (if it aint broke don't fix it). Is this a genuine failure, or a revenue generator (to the tune of 300 for the discs and pads)?

Leigh Reid

'Fraid I can't answer the pass/failure question. But what I can say is 300!! *&^*

Cheap way (18 for standard pads, and 40 off bay-brake (the ebayer) for discs.

Better way - Victoria - and some EBC brake discs and green stuff Pads.

Good luck though.

Neil H

Or harder Mintex 1166 rears greatly improves brake balance as well as stopping power!

I bought groved MG disc's and compition pads over here for about a third of the price mentioned.
Andrew Regens

Leigh, EBC greenstuff pads from Victoria or Moss are much cheaper than OEM. Bit of cash too a mechanic is less than dealer price as well.

wheels off, stiff wire brush round edges of disks and the outside edge, see what they look like. There are clearly stated wear limits for the standard disks, if still within tolerances then all ok.

You want to use a paint scrapper rather than a wire brush, once the crap is removed measure the disc for minimum thickness (someone will be alon to tell you how much)
Will Munns

Did you check both sides of the disc for corrosion? Apologies for the 'granny egg sucking question' - but sometimes the rear calipers stick, leading to relatively 'hidden' corrosion.
Rob Bell

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