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Can anyone please give me some pointers on where to look for an intermittant fault or have they also had problems with the red srs warning light coming on whilst driving. By turning the ign off and then on again it seems to reset itself for a few miles. Its not uneven roads,breaking,or suden movement of the steering wheel that causes this problem. Any ideas apart from removing the bulb!!!

Thanks Richard N159 TBD 1.8i

There's a cable under the driver's seat that connects to the sea-belt pre-tensioners, and this has a connector in it that has been known to come apart.

BUT. You need to be careful when playing with airbag stuff due to there being explosives involved. I believe the process is to disconnect the battery for a while before doing anything... but check the archive, or wait for someone with more exact knowledge to post.

Ed Clarke

There was a thread called "SRS light stays on" a few days ago where I explained I have the same problem.
I received a couple of answers there.

You'll be lucky if that's only o loose connector;
Other cause : the rotary coupler around the steering axle. That's a dealer job. Approx 150 GBP.
Apart from me, I know of some people that had this too.

There is a newer Rotary out. For 70 pounds.
My dealer paid 30% of it. :)
Good luck!
Hanah Kim

Mine comes on every so often - seems to be in the hot weather more than not for some reason. I just give the wires under the drivers' seat a poke and that always fixes it so i assume I have a dodgy conector.
andrew northcott

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