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MG MGF Technical - refitting original air filter

I am trying to refit an original air filter to a 96 MGF. I did not remove it in the first place so I am not sure if I have al the parts. I have the box but no lid and a separate bend section. The pipe from the side intake is still in position at the bottom of the engine compartment. From what I have I assume I have top section missing and the pipes I do have connect to the buttom pipe. Can anyone point me in the direction of any photos, and can the top section be bought separeatly? or any good brakers to point me too.I also assume the hole in the bottom is for water drain off and does not connect to anything
M Brazier

Any particular reason why you want to refit the original air filter?
Blue Pocket Rocket

Pictures showing the removal of the original airbox can be found here -

Getting the elbow pipe back in I know, from bitter experience, can be a right pig, but possible.

One word of warning: do not use a Jubilee clip to retain the flexible hose to the throttle body if the throttle body on your car is the original, black plastic item - you WILL warp the throttle body and cause running and idle problems. ALWAYS use the original clip (buy it from X-Part or your local MG Rover dealership).
Rob Bell

I have a complete F airbox going begging if anyone needs one.
John Thomas

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