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MG MGF Technical - Reflector replacement - what to do?

Hi community!

I have had an increasing case of the foggy reflector syndrome, and is likely to fail the MOT scheduled for tomorrow. So it is about time to act.

I'd like to ask around here in the forum what is the current status of the remedies, two main questions:

* Does anyone know a breaker or spare parts supplier that possibly could supply dipped beam reflectors? (Here in Sweden I can only find new complete replacement light-assembly)for about 350quid each. )

* Has anyone recently used the "new" re-chroming service recommended on the link below three years ago, and what are their turnaround time? (

I'd really appreciate for any tips where to get the reflector (or if anyone here has a spare pair to sell)

I've ordered stuff before from Mike Satur, but he only stocks whole assembly as well (and only RHD), so am I right that the only possibility is to buy used parts?

O Sander

Unfortunately, everyone only ever stocks complete head lamp units. It's a real problem.

I know that there were a couple of people trying to set up an exchange scheme - and it is possible that Dual metalising now run this themselves - worth phoning them for more information. I am considering using this service to refurbish the lamps on Project Shed, as I can't see that there would be any way they'd pass an MoT in their current condition!!!!
Rob Bell

My headlights were 'resilvered' by Dual Metalising nearly 3 years ago and are still ok. You might have to send your existing reflectors to them but do contact them they are helpful guys.
Geoff Smart


I spoke to Dual Metalising and they still offer this service for 70 quid a pair + postage. 2-3days process time. I will send the reflectors to them during winter when I can spare them.


O Sander

I sent both my reflectors to Dual Metalising about 8 months ago now, Service is very good and quick.

Be warned be careful when reassembling the headlamps, I manage to break parts of mine when reassembling. Which then meant buying a headlamp anyway rather than using the new rechromed one. Became an expensive exercise!
S J Sibthorp

Hi all,
This is my solution to the problem!
What do you think?

J E Reed

And then rebuilt

J E Reed

John, is there anything original left on your car? I don't suppose those are dual xenon are they? I treated myself to a pair of Trophy (or were they Cup - can't remember) from my local dealer a few years ago. They were a bit cheaper than standard, having black inner surrounds rather than chrome, and look quite smart. As they don't get used very much, I'm hoping they will last!

Mike Cunningham

Hi Mike,
Its all very very standard,
As problems, arise i can only afford to tackle one at a time, this means that my car stays broken while i try to develop an improvment and get it manufactured,

These projectors were ordered months ago from china, and ive only got one spare headlight to trial fit and jury wire up, so my milky ones are still inplace!!

My 280mm brake discs are worn out, but instead of replacing them i spent all my cash on developing the 2 piece bells!! so mine are still shagged, and im selling the new ones, none have reached my car yet!!

the only things that got fitted were my proto type stainless steel exhaust bracket and heat sheald support, as the firm that were going to mass produce them for me went bust! leaving me with one pair!!
J E Reed

Sounds like the cobbler who mends everyone's shoes but his family's! Do you ever fantasize about carbon/silicon carbide discs I wonder....
Mike Cunningham

Well Erm, by standard i ment ive only fitted,

Mike Saturs 280 front brake kit.
cross drilled and grooved 240mm rears.
Both of which will be replaced, obviously, with my own kits.
green stuff pads, not that impressed, will fit mintex next time.
Compliance washers.(Poly tie bar bushes are on the shelf and will be fitted when the tie bars are rose jointed and sleved at the subframe end, and wider stainless steel washers are fitted, i'm also toying with spacing the bottom arm 10mm further back to increase wheel base!, but again nothing makes it as far as my car)
Mike Satur slick shift
Mike Satur uprated windscreen wiper mech
TF steering rack (longer steering arms went out of the window, still might have 5mm shorter ones made, though what i really want is a reprogramed EPAS ECU)
Steering arm shims to correct bump steer are still at the machinists!!!
ITG Maxogen intake
52mm TB
Janspeed Manifold, Cat and system
Magnicor leads
VHS 20mm lowered seat base
VHS stiffening kit, (rear one, the rest will have to wait, the front one for a sunny day at least)
Solid subframe mounts never made it onto the car, they are so rusty! i want a better designed set so again these havent made it to the car while i go around machinists showing them what they look like!!
TF Black windscreen suround, dunno why, i just liked it.
Stainless steel antiroll bar bush clamps never returned from the ill fated machine shop!
Rear Wheel Drive Motorsport are doing a feasability study into fitting the cooper s 6 speed gearbox into the F TF rear subframe, but again, will it ever reach my car???
I promised my self a DVA head and techspeed suspension this year but the budgets gone on looking into replacement hubs with discovery wheel bearings and both standard and 100mm PCD holes!!!
And its my only car!!
God Knows what i'll do if it breaks!!
I'll be the only F specialist wanabe on a push bike!!!

This Darkside a bloody black hole



J E Reed

Funny you should mention that!
cast iron's been used as you know for bloody ages,
I wanted a new "mix" which had the benifits of carbide silicone but not the cost.
theres only about 3 manufactures of disc "blanks" and they dont mess around with small fryes like moi!
but if i can get a ruff idea of whats involved and a small foundary, then maybe we can all have glowing discs intime for winter!!


J E Reed

Even further from reflectors - I read a while ago about the factory prepared racing VW Scirocco 2 that had a rather nifty 6spd DSG flappy paddle box - that would be quite a shoehorn job. It'd need a bit of work on the ECU though...
Mike Cunningham

The lamp unit looks really good John. Would be good to get a pair on a car and check out the beam pattern and performance. Would they be suitable for use with xenon bulbs?
Rob Bell

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