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MG MGF Technical - Relay Pack/ Cols Start Up-Date

Posted 16 April 2004 at 19:56:26 UK time
Perksy, United Kingdom
My Mates left the car with me for the weekend to have a decent look at.
Rob, the pump doesn't run at all initially and only seems to run when the engine is cranked on the starter.
So i know that the Crank sensor is doing it's job.
It then seems to Prime fine, until the Engine is Cold Again.
(I replaced the Coolant Temperature Sensor for Him Previously)
I'm going to check it in the morning for Power at the Pump and then Back-probe to see how far the Voltage is Getting....
As i understand the Wiring Diagram, the Main relay powers the ECU, the ECU Then Powers the fuel pump Relay
The Time the Pump energises for is Set By the Microprosessor in the ECU.
If the Voltage isn't even getting to the Fuel Pump Relay then it isn't looking too good for the ECU...
Unless anybody thinks anything else ???
Any Ideas Welcomed..

Just as An Up-Date if anybody has a Similar Problem,
The Fault Was Eventually Traced To A Faulty MEMS Unit.
A code Read Showed NO FAULTS STORED.
But when Hooked up to ATPS ECU Tester it Showed 3 Faults.
Relacement was Approx' 160.



Should Read COLD START :) :)


Hi Perksy - thanks for the update. MEMS fault eh? :o/
Not sure about similar problems, but a search of the archives could give some clues.
Rob Bell

Perksy - check out Mike V's threads regarding a similar problem...
Rob Bell

The Replacement ECU Cured the Problem.....
Interesting to Note that there were NO FAULTS STORED within the Old MEMS Unit Itself.
I Know this can Happen if the Fault is Intermittant, But This MGF Was Having problems Starting EVERY TIME it was Cold.
The Lesson here i think is Not to Rely Too Much on a Code Read Identifying Problems....
Just a Thought.

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