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MG MGF Technical - REMINDER: Rolling Road this Saturday (10th) !

Okay - reminder time: the RR session is this coming saturday!

Kick off is 0900, but I plan to be tucking into breakfast in the cafe opposite at 0800-0830 - so see ya there

Looks as though we've got a very interesting mix of cars attending:

1. Rob Bell - '96 MGF 1.8i - K&N57i in R800 airbox; 52TTB; MS 'zorst; 3.2bar
FPR; ported standard exhaust manifold
2. Tim Woolcott - '96 MGF 1.8i - DVA kit 13a
3. Steve Ratlidge - MGF 1.8i - K&N57i, RS140 head, de-flashed & matched
inlet manifold, Janspeed 4-2-1 exhaust manifold. Miltek SuperSports
4. Phil Brindley - '97 MGF VVC - K&N57i (pos in R800 airbox by then) MS
Daytona exhaust
5. Andrew (SF) Phillips - '96 MGF 1.8i - ITG Maxogen, Trophy TB, VVC inlet
plenum and manifold, FPR (maybe ;-) ), MS Stage 1 head, Phoenix exhaust.
6. Steve White - '03 TF160 - ITG Maxogen, Janspeed 4-2-1 manifold, Janspeed
sports cat, Janspeed silencer
7. Deano - '03 tf135 FPR and a new air freshener.
8. Paul Nothard - '99 MGF VVC - KnN57i; 52mmTB; FPR; Ported head; Janspeed
9. Stevo - TF135 - X-Power panel filter
10. Sunstorm - ZR120 - Pipercross cone filter; 52mm TB
11. Klevoli - '04 TF160 - standard
12. PorKa200Is - 1.8 16v, non VVC, Vernier pulleys, Fast Road Cams, Full Piper stainless system, Pipercross filter, ZR 160 Throttle body
13. Dave Livingstone - '98 MGF VVC - ITG Maxogen; 52TTB; Phoenix exhaust;
FSE PBV; DVA fully ported head with matched inlet and exhaust manifold
14 Bob - Maestro Turbo (T16)
15. Jago - Montego Turbo (8v)
16. Eddie - ZS180
17. George (he of RSM fame) - not sure which car yet, but bound to be fast!!!

As G-force can accomodate up to 30 cars, if you fancy joining the motley crew on Saturday, add to the list!

Can't wait!
Rob Bell

Remind me... directions? :)

Paul Nothard

Paul, the RR is in Aylesbury - map and address can be found here:

Brrm Brrm! Can't wait! :o)
Rob Bell

Rob, I know I raised the subject of the big breakfast but has any one checked that a) the cafe is still there and b) it will be open?

In addition I don't know what the form is for the day but I need to get away about lunch time, so any chance of being one of the early runners?

Steve Ratledge

Steve, yes, I've checked. It's still there, and apparently, it is open from 0730 :o)

No problem with you being one of the early runners Steve - just come and find me and I'll get you on quickly.
Rob Bell

So can we park the cars at G-Force while we nip over to the cafe?

Really looking forward to this now :hyper:
Phil Brindley - Leicester

Yup, there is a fair bit of parking available :o)
Rob Bell

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