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MG MGF Technical - Remote thermostst

I've been following various threads with interest as I've got an 02 135.
Has anyone got a definitive parts list for a conversion to PRT?
I've got these so far
Top hose:PCH002960
Bottom hose:PCH002970
Bypass hose:PCH002790
Thermostat housing:PEM100990
+ a gasket and 2 "O" rings for the water pump.
Anything else (apart from midget fingers)?
jerry herbert

I did the PRT conversion recently on my Trophy. Although I did buy the PCH002790 bypass hose assembly, I didn't use it. I kept the original Bypass/Heater return, but I switched the connection from the heater return to the heater feed. The heater return is no connected to the new PCH002970 bottom hose assembly. With the new setup, a constant bypass is created, that will always be open. This is the bypass of old thermostat and this won't be closing anymore! The new heater bypass assembly has no jiggle valve, causing more coolant to be output to the expansion tank, creating another bypass.

So far,everything seems to work fine, altough I haven't driven in temperatures lower than 10 degrees and higher than 25 degrees C. I did test it when the car was on stands and the thermostat did seem to work fine, as the coolant pipes from and to the radiator stayed cold, until the temp was up.

The rest of the parts seem to be the right ones. Personally, I didn't use the PEL000040 spacer, because my dealer couldn't supply this part. I just cut out the valve from the ring of the original thermostat and enlarged the hole.

Good luck!
A.P. van Wijngaarden

Easier to go for the QED remote thermostat!!!
Blue Pocket Rocket

Hi, BPR.
I'm a bit nervous of working on a TF cooling system!!!
I can strip engines and gearboxes, no problems, but the non standard MGR approach to this low volume water cooling system gets me worried.
I've seen the QED housing, not sure of the plumbing arrangements though, and the effects this will have on warm up, heat distribution on head/block etc.
Are you going on Pembs run with Dave?
Have you any pics/ digrams of QED install?
Jerry Herbert

The QED RTH is easier to plumb in because it goes into the output hose. A matter of cutting out a piece of hose and putting in the QED RTH. The difficult bit is removing the original thermostat which requires working from above and below. Send me your email address and I will forward you some pictures.
Blue Pocket Rocket

E-mail addy on thread. What prompted you to go QED rather than PRT?

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