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MG MGF Technical - removal of MGTF grill

I am considering removing my mgtf grill to have it repaired and rechromed and need to understand what is involved in its removal. Does anyone know what is involved and if there are any instructions on the step by step process to remove it? Thanks!
A.D. Andre de la Chevrotiere

It depends what TF you are talking about! If the 'modern' one, it is self tapping screws into the back of the bumper - which needs to have been removed.
This would be an invaluable aid:-
If you are talking about the original TF, then I am afraid I have no idea!

Charless, Thank you! I should of said a 1955 MGTF! I forget sometimes that they named the modern MG a TF. The original grill removal just doesn't look that straight forward.
A.D. Andre de la Chevrotiere

You've posted this question in the wrong section my friend.

You should go to "T Series TD - TF", where I'm sure you'll get lots of help.
Sam Murray

Thank you!
A.D. Andre de la Chevrotiere

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