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MG MGF Technical - Removing gear knob

A previous owner of my F has fitted an after-market gear knob (polished aluminium ball type) which isn't to my taste, so I want to refit the original which was supplied with the car. But I can't get the old one off. I thought it was just screwed on but I can only twist it a few degrees in each direction (which takes a great deal of force) before it goes tight again. Any suggestions for removing it?
J Nuttgens

Hi, is there a collar on the bottom of the gear as some aftermarket ones have which you unscrew and then the knob is held on with 3 grub screws which you just undo.
m e johnson

Nope, no collar, can't see any grub screws, guess they must have just used plenty of loctite on the thread. Will have to try getting some kind of tool onto it and twisting harder!
J Nuttgens

Protect the head and just get a good firm grip to twist.

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