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MG MGF Technical - Removing the resonance box

Discussing ways of removing the resonance box (part of the air intake system located behind the nearside engine air intake).

Is there an easy way to do this, or does it have to be cut into lots of little pieces to get it out?

I'd like to attempt this this weekend, so any advice would be very welcome!

Rob Bell


Is this the box that houses the air filter? If it is then it is easy to take out, Just some screws and then a bit of wiggling as it is attached by rubber grommets as well. You will see how to take it out when the engine cover is removed.

Thanks Steve, but that bit has long gone! ;o)

The box I mean is the one below it in the engine bay, connected to the original air box by a rigid 90 degree plastic elbow joint. Its function is to smooth air flow prior to it being delivered up to the air filter.

Basically, I want to gain access to the near side air vent, and the resonance box is in the way.

I think that I'll have to cut it out. Bum.

Rob Bell

Seem to remember John Thomas had his removed and you get at by removing the wheel and arch liner (something like that).

Ted Newman


Just sent you an e-mail with attached file :- resonator.jpg.

Hope you can read it.

Ted Newman

Thanks Ted. Superb, just the info I was after. Looks quite involved though- to do this, I think I'll have to invest in the manual just to have access to all the correct torque settings... But at least the process is reversible!!!

I have just put it on a web page for all to see:

Rob Bell

Aint these modern electric thingies wonderful!

I scanned the page, sent it to Adobe Photoshop, converted it to a JPEG, mailed it to Rob, Rob puts it on his web site, I download it and send it to my printer - presto almost as good as the original.

Ted Newman


Now would u like to do the same for all the remaining pages of the manual... (just kiddin) Although, it would be nice to be able to refer to the workshop manual online (I know, copyright issues...)


Nothing wrong with your memory yet then Ted :-)

Rob - mine was taken off for me in the course of a gearbox replacement and I wasn't present.

Re the manual as we know there are often 'short cuts'
I'd have a try at a damn good tug and wriggle with the wheel off.

I saw Paul Kershaw had removed his at Prescott, stuck his filter in the side vent connected to throttle body by long pipe.

May be unrelated but he beat the 1.8i record at Anglesy last weekend


(about to have a crack at my head gasket)
John Thomas

A very cleverly excuted idea by Paul. He was raving about it, and yes, he was very very quick on Sunday (unlike me, but that is another story).

Paul's success has, I am sure, nothing to do with everyone else thinking about copying the concept (the same as Rog's)... NOT! ;o)

You are right though, perhaps jigging the box through the wheel arch would do the job... I'll have a look.

Thanks John

Rob Bell

Option 1, disconnect suspension and subframe from body to remove.

Option 2, cajole, squeeze, beat to death, dissect or otherwise remove a cheap plastic container but leave the car intact.

Hmmm I wonder which one appeals more???

Roger Parker

This thread was discussed between 05/07/2000 and 06/07/2000

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