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MG MGF Technical - Replace a 145 vvc with a 160 vvc ignore previous

Hi Guys,
I have been working my way through years of useful threads to see if there is anything specific in differences between wiring looms engine management between these two engines.
The engine refurbishers are saying they will only replace 145vvc with 145vvc as they do not cater for any changes in wiring and engine management.

My current engine is a 1999 but I am thinking if I can get a 160 replacement then not only will it be more powerful it wil also be younger, thus my money would be better spent.

So any thoughts and pitfalls on this manouvere.

I spotted a couple of comments about most of the extra power coming form better valve porting etc, there were also comments about different size throttle valves I think, however thses engines are supposed to be test bed run so I am thinking they use the parts that came with the original engine to fire it up thus the throttle bodies might already be correct.

all suggestios deeply appreciated as I want to try to get best value and power for money.

D F Watson

The differences between the 145 and the 160 is down to better cold air feed and a slighly larger throttle (52mm in place of 48). I am pretty certain that their were no changes to the "structure" or wiring of the engine and most assuredly no bigger exhaust valves.

Let them fit the 145 and then add a K&N filter. If the engine does not come with a 52mm throttle then get one of these off ebay and you will have a 160 bhp engine. The 52mm throttle is aluminium whilst the older and smaller one is plastic so spotting the difference shoulds be easy.

A 160 uses a different wiring loom unfortunately, with a different plug that will not fit to a MEMS2. Plus, there are a number of other minor differences between a MEMS2 and MEMS3 engine, not least the injector size (smaller on later engines) - which would result in MEMS2 under fuelling a MEMS3 engine, and that the coil packs are in the cylinder head.

HOWEVER - if you were to fit the higher flow early injectors, change the cam cover and use your car's existing wiring loom and coil packs, then a 160 engine WILL run on MEMS2 with very little problem. You may also need to swap over a couple of sensors, but nothing too arduous. :o)

To be honest, it would be pretty easy - you just need to think of where the differences in the fuel and electrical systems are, and retain the original parts where the two engines differ, and you'll not go far wrong :o)
Rob Bell

Note for Patrick not all throttle bodies that are aluminium are 52mm, there are 48mm's also available in aluminium as well as plastic. The plastic ones had a bad habit of distorting resulting in a sticking throttle hence the replacement with a 48mm aluminium one.

You're right Dave - I happen to have a 48mm alloy TB in my garage... all TBs changed following the closure of the old SU works (more recently Dana Industries) in around 2001. Interestingly, these original plastic TBs are now re-made in alloy by Burlington Fuel Systems in Salisbury, who purchased the rights to the SU trade marks and the SU back catalogue of blueprints.

Kind of nice to know that MGFs breathed through SU throttle bodies - kept the line with 100,000s of MGs before that always used SU carburettors! :o)
Rob Bell

the 145 - 160 bhp change is made by:
- The valve seats; they have rings machined around them in the combustion chambers for better flow at low lift.
- air filter (bigger with 2 intakes)
- 52mm TB (instead of 48mm)
- better 4-2-1 design exhaust manifold
- better exhaust backbox

All these items can be used on a normal 145 VVC engine without problems. Re-use the 145's ECU, loom, ignition, injectors and inlet plenum + chamber + sensors.


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