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MG MGF Technical - Replace Leaking Hydra gas sphere.

My last suspension pump-up only lasted 6 months. The garage advised me that the rear sphere was leaking.
Is the replacement something I could do myself?
If I source the sphere from a scrap yard what other models could I get it from?
Are spheres interchangable front to rear and left to right?
Is there any other work/upgrades I could do at the same time, or alternative fixes I could go for?

Many thanks!
Russell Parslow

According to Dieter's parts list, the front and rear spheres are different part numbers. There is no difference between left and right. I suspect they are unique to the MGF as the sphere has to be designed for the weight of the vehicle, so Metro ones are unlikely to be the same. Dieter's excellent web site is

If you scroll down a bit, in the box called "New technical on this site" you will find "MGF and mgtf Parts Catalogue On-Line". For technical articles, in the left hand frame you will find links to just about every job possible on the car, including changing spheres. Dieter's first language is German, but there is enough English there to make it a really useful resource for us. Thanks to him for a huge amount of work.

Mike Howlett

Hi Russell,

Out of interest, what led them to diagnose the rear sphere - could they see evidence of a fluid leak, or were the spheres pressure tested individually?

As Mike says, any MGF apart from a Trophy uses the same spheres, and judging by the amount that come up on eBay being broken for spares after a frontal collision, you shouldn't have too much difficulty tracking one down.
Mike Hankin

I wonder too.

Anyway, this is an easier read for differences.
You see MGF and all the other are special. I think it's not worth any tries. Go just for the correct P/N. Front or rear.

Mike, They saw evidence of fluid leak.
Russell Parslow

Hiya, ebay is a great source for spares! I'm selling some my-self on there front and rear n/s and o/s but new ones are going for around 50 which isnt bad as rover ask 151+vat! Worth a look anyway :)

New Sphere 113, 2 hours labour plus vat.
Russell Parslow

I am glad i read this thread. In Australia the Spheres are quoted at $600+ each. Even with the $A to Brit pound it would be less then half the price if I imported them myself!

To put things in perspective I have been quoted $400+ for Trophy 2nd hand rotors, $1300 for the calipers and $750 each for the 16 inch wheels!

A new soft top is $2400!!!
Peter Andrews


If you need a bit of help, I may be able to assist as am in the Horndean area... We can all learn. Whereabouts are you?

Pete Tipping

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