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MG MGF Technical - Replacement Brake pads - which ones?

It's time for replacing the pads and Iv'e been through the archives but I can't find a clear recommend as to what type people are fitting for general road use. (no track days).
The car is a 2001 MGF 1.8i - my local supplier suggests EBC Black at 13.80 front and 16.45 rear a set,or they offer a Sports option of EBC Greenstuff at 33.00 front and 37.00 rear a set.
What do you think ?
Is there a minimum thickness for the discs before you should think of changing them ?
Your thoughts would be appreciated.

John, minimum disc thicknesses are 20mm front, 8mm rear.

Regarding pad recommendations, if you are not terribly heroic on using your brakes, then EBC green stuff pads ought to serve you well. But my recommendation would be to go for Mintex 1144s. These are good all round pads that are more than capable of tolerating road abuse - plus, if it ever takes your fancy, a bit of track work too. :o)
Rob Bell

I've yet to try the Mintex pads that Rob recommends, John, but I can confirm that Greenstuff are really quite nice. Prograssive, definitely more stopping power when you ask for it, and (bonus!) noticably less dust.

I will, however, be trying 1144s next, just to see...


ps don't forget to tell the insurance company about them.
J Wakeham

Rob - I did ask my supplier about the Mintex 1144 and 1177 pads but they said they thought they would be too "hard" for normal driving and didn't quote me.
Jamie - Do you really think it would be necessary to inform my insurance company, after all, if I just took the car into the garage for a service, I wouldn't necessarily know what pads they would put in.
(In fact just having checked when I asked for a service quote, they said they offered either ATE or Lucas)
John Mac

John, they're quite right: 1177s would be way too hard for normal road driving (although I love 'em for this! ;o)) - but 1144s are just fine. Dave and many others have a lot of experience with these pads and can better inform you of rates of disc and pad wear.

I liked the EBC GS pads when I had them - they bite reasonably well, they didn't generate much in the way of pad dust, but were way out of their league if you took them anywhere near a circuit. When I removed my EBC pads, the rear black stuff were completely wiped out after one track day at Donny (there literally wasn't anything left but a 'smear' of material left on the back plate), and the GS at the front were disintegrating: cracked and badly chipped...
You'd be right to say this is unfair as they aren't circuit pads. I'd agree. But have a look through the archives - there are some questions over quality - but broadly I think most are happy with them for strict road use.

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

Better safe than sorry, John. EBC or Mintex pads would most likely be seen as a non-standard addition to your car, as opposed to 'normal' (ie near-as-dammit identical to MGR original) pattern pads.

Who're you with? They'll almost certainly be fine about it, and I'd be stunned if they want to charge extra.

J Wakeham

Pads are E marked for road use replacements

Race pads tend to not be efficient at low temperatures and could therefore be a cause of an accident, and if linked to the pads the insurance company may have good reason not to pay out.

Tyre grip stops the car and a higher cof pad in general only reduces foot pressure required. I believe a study on braking behaviour of driver, indicated that most drivers rarely use enough foot pressure (how many times in normal driving is the ABS in operation). I think the conclusion was that there should be an increase in brake torque to compensate for driver behaviour, hence the reason for higher cof pads being in most cases a worthwhile upgrade.


Mintex 1144s are perfect for road use. I have them now on my VX and they are great.

I think they are refered to as "fast road" and are sold by the likes of Halfrauds to the general public.

1177s are a big hard for road use and because of their "from cold" properties Mintex can not recommend them for road use. (But I, like Rob, used them and loved them!)

Paul Nothard

Anybody have any experience of Black Diamond Pads?

Like Derek I would be interested to hear of anyones experience with Black Diamond.
Mike Satur reckons they are better than Greenstuff and at 90 a full set,thats for front and rear, thats a saving against Mintex 1144 at 168 and Greenstuff at 140.

Not ever tried them, sorry. :o(
Rob Bell

The EBC black are, supposedly, OEM grade replacements. As such, you *shouldn't* need to inform your insurer. The Greenstuff and Mintex pads are performance upgrade pads, so the insurer must be informed. That's how I understand it, anyway.


Dont forget that during the years the "Green Stuff" pads have gone thru evolution (sp?) i.e they are now much better (better formula for the friction material)than when they appeared on the market some years ago.

And the front rims are soo much easier to clean..;O) /Carl

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