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MG MGF Technical - Replacement Exhaust

I am just about to replace my exhaust on my 99 T plate 75th Anniversary F'.

I like the style of the original exhasut but cant get one for love or money due to the shortage in mg spares.

I am after suggestions if anyone knows where i can try for an original exhaust or can anyone suggest a suitable replacement.

I thought about Mike Saturs SS exhaust.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I've just fitted the MS Daytona with twin pipes and its superb, but doesn't look like the original. Rear pipes are more like the Audi TT finishers. One of the other guys will be able to tell you off any that have oval finishers.

Check out all the exhaust tests are there.

Have fun


If you are after a new exhaust, then Mike's stainless item would be an excellent choice. The Sprint tail pipe finishers look excellent (I've just gotten these myself!) and the Imola finishers are similar in shape to the original pipes - if a little larger and more Porsche Boxter like.

Added bonus, corrosion should never be an issue. :o)

Alternatively, if you are prepared to buy 'nearly new' then talk to Mike Satur (I'm sure he's got some original exhausts stashed away somewhere) or to Midland MGF ( for a suitable replacement at reasonable cost.
Rob Bell

DJ - good desription of the Sprint tail pipe. I hadn't considered the similarity between them and the TT tail pipe finishers, but you're quite right.
Rob Bell


One of my colleagues has got the TT Roadster and he thought I'd copied his tailpipes. Yeah right!!! LOL

I didn't know Mike was still doing the oval ones, I only saw the Quad and Twin round ones when I bought the system at Silverstone. Does he still do them?



I think Mike is still selling them, but I suspect that he's currently out of stock - hence the no-show at Silverstone.
Rob Bell

We swapped the exhaust on our 75le when it was 6k old. The MS Daytona is good, but if you want our standard exhaust you can have it. e'mail us on if you want it.
Nik & Anita

Anyone have contact details for the maker of the Phoenix system?


Phoenix Ltd Tel +44 1884 34777 Fax +44 1884 34666
(about two years old)
Dieter Koennecke

Is the 75LE a MY2000 car (I can't remember, but I think it is)?

If so, your choice of aftermarket exhaust is much more limited. I think it's pretty much ONE: Mike's, as he's put an extra joint so you can use it "short" on a MY2000 and put an extra bit of pipe in for Mk1's.



Early MY2000 are the same as the original, mine is on a V plate. I think they changed late 2000.


All cars sold after the 1st (?) of January 2001 had to comply with the new EU on board diagnostics requirements (although the MGF Trophy 160 is a notable exception to this rule). If your car was registered before this date, there is a very good chance that you have a Mk1 pattern exhaust system.

Interestingly, Mike Satur's exhausts are now compatible with both Mk1 and MY2001 systems (for Mk1 owners, the exhaust is sold with an 'adapter pipe').
Rob Bell

Can anyone give me some advice re the chrome finishers on the standard exhaust system. Factory fitted on a T reg VVC. I believe they are purely cosmetic and are screwed / bolted on top of the existing tailpipe. There is a mild steel oval 'spacer' which sits inside the finisher and through which tail pipe exhausts. The steeel has now corroded away and the chrome finisher just rattles up and down on the tailpipe. The other one is also close to perishing. Seems this is a part that can only be supplied by MG as part of a new finisher kit 88. 00 each ! (wish I'd paid more attention in my metalwork lessons). Any one got any ideas ?

Alternatively, I replace the exhaust with a MS Daytona which looks good. Any feedback on this or other available systems would be useful.
ps I've never really considered non-standard alterations and wonder what (if any) impact this has on insurance and / or resale ?
Jon V


Someone was talking to Mike at Silverstone about this. They saw the Daytona finishers and thought that they just went on the standard exhaust. I think Mike said that they'd be too big, but it might work if you weld them on.



Don't muck about with a standard exhaust, why on earth would you want to do that?

Just buy a Daytona and enjoy it!

My '97 VVC was getting a bit rattly and when I was in our local MG / Rover / Jaguar / etc dealer they had a special offer on what they called th "Trophy" exhaust. 130 fitted, apart from a better but still slightly muted note, it has improved performance. Allegedly a Rover / MG option
Geoff Rawlings

>> Alternatively, I replace the exhaust with a MS Daytona which looks good. Any feedback on this or other available systems would be useful.
ps I've never really considered non-standard alterations and wonder what (if any) impact this has on insurance and / or resale ? <<

Loads in the archives about this, but a quick run down of the aftermarket systems available (from memory):


Mike Satur 'Daytona' (4 pipes)
Mike Satur 'Indy' (twin round pipes)
Mike Satur 'Sprint' (twin oval pipes)

Miltek 'Supersport' (twin 3" upswept DTM style pipes)
Miltek 'Gran Tourismo' (pair of central pipes, a la Mk1 Elise)

Pheonix - Choice of 3" round pipes (rolled) or 3" round pipes (with alan key detail)


MGOC Double S system



TT Fxtreme (i believe this is no longer available)

MG Trophy exhaust system (official accessory)


There are more, but as i mentioned i am at work at the moment so i am working from memory. Rob Bell has a full write up of our exhaust test day we did for MG World Magazine - well worth a read, even if i do say so myself. :-)

The main benefit to fitting an aftermarket exhaust is in the vast majority of cases they are stainless steel and guaranteed (generally for life). If you are having troubel with the tailpipe finishers on the standard system then i suspect the rest of it is also on it's way out.

None of the systems we tested produced more than +5bhp, including the Miltek which was claimed to produce +13bhp. Don't buy an exhaust for a performance benefit as you will only notice a marginal difference, maybe a bit more oomph between gears but nothing spectacular.

All of them sound better than standard, some more so than others but this is entirely subjective and not easily dealt with on a forum such as this. There are sound files of my MS Daytona on the Essex Roadsters website and IIRC the Miltek/SP supersports has some sound files on Dirks website.



TT extreme

have a chat with the exhaust man on
in Mitcham

he has the Jig there and might be still up for making them..

price? I have no idea but i really think they are the best due to the sheer brutality of the design and construction. you should be able to get a very competitive price out of him.


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