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MG MGF Technical - Replacement Headlamp Lenses

I have recently gained a large stone chip on one of the headlamp lenses on my F without actually breaking the lens. I have removed the lens without too much difficulty and glued the chip as a temporary solution, but the result is not too pretty. My dealer is unable to supply just the outer piece of glass without the rest of the light (at over 100) because it has no part number. I am confident that someone somewhere must have found a way past this problem. Please help!


Part number is XBQ100700 for the drivers side lens. I replaced mine in Jan 99. Paid 52.79GBP for the lens kit. It usually comes with the retaining clips and some rubber padding (???)


headlight protectors are a worthwile investment - though they make cleaning the headlights a pain!


just to confirm what Gaz said

yep 50 odd quid for the glass lense bit plus the
rubber strip round it and the two clips

don't part with 100!


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