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MG MGF Technical - replacing bumbs

I've just been to the Rover dealer to get 2 new bulbs for the clock and oil temperature gauge. I removed the vent above the clock on the centre console and replaced the bulb in the clock. I then moved onto the oil temp but couldn't see how to get into the unit to replace the bulb. Could someone point me in the right direction to avoid the 40 quid the garage wanted to charge to do it? Also, they claim there's two trophy TB's, does anyone know what I require (to fit an MPI).



Just follow the harness and turn the black coloured bulb socket by 30 degrees. It's a 'bajonett'. Different to the clock bulb socket which is just plugged in. Was this way at an 1999 MGF.

TB change needs tools only. 8mm?? socket and small but long ratchet and small torx ?? driver for the throttle sensor. Bolt off, swap hoses and bolt on, thats it. sensor reset required as well. Ignition on, (don't start the engine) push accelerator five times and ignition off)

Dieter Koennecke

>>>Also, they claim there's two trophy TB's

Cr*p!! Tell then to wash their specs and look at Fiche 1, section M02 and item 1 part number MHB 000261. Oddly enough it is the only one where in the remarks column it says, 'Manual Trophy'

Fitting is a direct replacement for the original.

Roger Parker

added oil gauge pics to the site @

The one of interest may be this view to the rear

The load for the direct plug bulb is only my guess with 2W, cause the different design of the clock bulb is 2W.

Dieter Koennecke

Thanks Dieter, as useful as ever!!! However, it would seem the dealer gave me the wrong bulb, so I'll be back on Monday to get another and to get the Trophy throttle body. Someone mentioned the part was available from the ptp-ltd? web site, anyone know where exactly? BTW, what does the sensor reset achieve? When discussing this with the Rover parts guy he attempted to convince me that my car would need 1.5 hours on the computer to reset the ECU or else the car would not run correctly, I didn't pay any attention following what others have said about the straight swap!!!
thanks again,



Hi Darren,

I got my TB a few weeks back and can confirm that it is well worth it, especially with a K&N or eqivalent. From my understanding the setup needed is purely to ensure that the MEMS system correctly understands the end points of the new body. Hence the Up and Down on the accelerator to reach these limits.


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