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MG MGF Technical - Replacing steering wheel

I'd like to replace the steering wheel on my 96 vvc.Is it straightforward? I don't like messing about near airbag systems!
p withington


Not done it myself but it reads as being straightforward but BEWARE the explosives in the system.

Read the workshop manual three times and/or delve into the Archive to get hints from 'them as 'ave done it'.

Also, recent threads suggest that the new Mini steering wheel is a straight fit into the F - apparently it comes in a number of colours and styles.

It will be worth tracking down Andy Phillips' excellent and very detailed strip down of Scarlet Fever (sorry cannot remember the web site link at the moment) to see if he detailed this step.

Let us know how you get on.

New Mini or 'Mini Classic'? I thought the latter John?

Paul, check out SF's site: - there is a section there regarding steering wheel removal and refitting, including cautions regarding the SRS.
Rob Bell

Rob, I'm confused a bit now. Why would anybody want to fit a 'Mini Classic' steering wheel to an F? I was convinced they were all after something new and desirable. I wait to be educated.

BTW should be now that you pointed me in the right direction.

D'oh! Thanks for pointing out the typing error John. :o)

Regarding the Mini Classic - the last of the Mini Coopers were equipped with airbags and a wonderful range of interior colour options. The wheel style is near identical to that fitted to the MGF - so would be a good 'fit' in our cars. I'd be surprised if BMW MINI wheels would fit an F...
Rob Bell

Rob, as one of the few people of my age group who never owned a mini of any persuasion, I bow to your better knowledge.

The nearest to a Mini Cooper that I got was when a 6th form school friend won one of the earliest Coopers in a newspaper competition. We spent the next year mob handed looking for girls and sharing the petrol costs (or vice versa - tempus fugit you know).

Information on the steering wheel removal is in the '24th May - Wing, Steering Wheel' gallery in the 'rebuild' section. Direct link:

>> <<

Click the 'next picture' button to view the strip down in stages.

Good luck :-)

Scarlet Fever

John - your friend won a Cooper? Lucky blighter!

>> We spent the next year mob handed looking for girls and sharing the petrol costs <<

Brilliant - although any amorous intentions might have proven to be slightly claustrophobic in a Mini?
Rob Bell

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