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MG MGF Technical - Resetting alarm - car has been stood for 6 months

I have had my 98 VVC in my garage, it's been off the road since end of August.

Obviously the battery went flat, but after charging it, I can't seem to get it to recognise the remote fobs.

I have used the key access code and then trying to program the fobs, but no success.

There is a rapid clicking noise from around the ECU area, and interior lights will rapidly flash.

I can lock the car with the fob, but not unlock it. Once locked, I can't unlock it without the key access code. The alarm light on the dash flashes twice in succession while locked rather than the usual once.

When disarming the alarm with the key code access, if I try to start the car, there is the same clicking from around the ECU again and the same flashing of interior lights and absolutely nothing from the engine.

Any suggestions?
P James

Since you are getting a clicking noise from around the ECU area I would suggest that your battery is knackered. It may have charged up on some of the cells but one or two of the cells are probably dead and will never recover. Leaving a battery connected for five months will almost certainly ruin it, especially connected to an MGF, which drains the battery quite quickly. It is best to disconnect the battery altogether when storing the car for that time.

Get a new battery or borrow one to prove the theory. A good one should make the headlights come on bright before starting the engine. If you have a voltmeter then check the charged battery after being disconnected from the charger for an hour. It should be a good 12.5 to 13 volts.

The rapid clicking noise is probably coming from the starter solenoid or starter relay in the MEMS Relay pack.


Bruce Caldwell

This thread was discussed on 29/01/2006

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