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MG MGF Technical - 'Ring' headlights

I have checked the archives for information on replacements headlights and can only find units made by "Ring" local to me. These are one of the makes sold by, but I don't recognise the name. Phillips and Osram are proving harder to find.

Does anyone have any information about this manufacturer?

Ring are quite a large supplier of domestic fluorescent lights and have been in the car bulb business for a long time.

For a moment there I thought this was going to be a thread about those BMW head lamps that illuminate as a ring around the main beam.

Those things look bloomin' freaky if you ask me...

Sorry, nothing to do with bulbs on MGFs. I gather that the Phillips bulbs are regarded as the best.

Are you after whole replacement headlamp units (made by Hella I believe) or just the H1 bulbs Chaz?
Rob Bell

Just the H1s thanks Rob. I may order from PowerBulb, though. The Ring Premium were rated well by AutoExpress, but some concern is expressed about the reliability of one of their other units. Then the question is: Philipps Premium (+30% and no UV) or Vision Plus (which add 50% but no UV control mentioned, but does it matter, cos the lens is not plastic.......) [sound of rusty thinking in circles to fade out]

I purchased the vision + from powerbulbs, excellent service, bulbs do provide that extra light that is needed for us in the sticks.
They included the sidelight bulbs as well as a gift when I orderd mine last month.

Mike: are those blue side-lights any good? Don't they just get swamped by the dipped beam?

>mike are those blue side lights any good,?< chaz i went to motor world saw blue side lights and was told they are illegal only for use at shows ect,so didn't buy them was he right ? Dave.
david morris

The blue sidelights do not appear to have any effect on anything, but as a spare set of bulbs they are worth having FOC.

Dave, the 'blue' is only blue when the light is off, I expect the BLUE sidelights they mentioned are the true blue lights that seem to be appearing on washer jets, number plates etc. and not these bulbs made by Philips and supplied by Powerbulbs, you might also check out the Silver flasher bulbs if you want to go the whole hog on the amber flasher lens conversion, the bulb appears silver until lit then it is regulation orange !

TRY "DEMON TWEAKS" - I think they have an online site and do all the different makes
Ring is well known and been about years

The blue Philips sidelights are a lot brighter than the standard bulbs - but then how useful is that increase. Certainly looks better - the old bulbs had a dull glow.


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