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MG MGF Technical - Rob Bell - info please

Hi Rob

A couple us MG enthusiasts have made the decision to go with cold air induction. 52mm throttle bodies have been installed. So far we are unable to source,within NZ,a suitable airbox to contain the K&N filter. Rover parts long gone (due to the number of Jap import). Therefore the decision is that we should make one.


Can you provide overall dimensions of the Rover Air Box?

Is this box adequate or would you increase any of the dimensions?

What is the maximum diameter flexi-pipe we can bring in from the left hand vent?

Thanks for you support - we will keep you posted on the results




Maximum diameter flexi-pipe = 75mm or 3". A 100mm will simply not get through the available space.
Steve Ratledge

My first airbox was made using an 200mm flower pot, which matched the taper on the K&N. I did use a 100mm inlet pipe but it was squeezed out of shape and was difficult to bend.

For what its worth, I've since replaced it with a Viper but any improvement in peformance has been too slight for me to notice.


Hi David,

Good luck with your project.

Regarding size, I would probably fit a larger airbox rather than a smaller one - what ever you can get to fit in the space basically. I do have comparative dimensions of the Rover airbox compared to the ITG Maxogen - I'll dig them out for you.

Steve's right about the diameter of the hose to the air intake - probably 80mm is the largest you can go to IF your MGF is a Mk1 with a reasonance box still fitted. If you remove this box (or have a later car that did not use this part of the intake system), you can run to 100mm with reasonable 'comfort' :o)

Rob Bell

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