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Hello everyone! As a very new (yesterday) owner of an MG I am a touch disappointed with the engine - I have the ZR 160 which is the same as the trophy mgtf - has anyone else had the engine management warning light coming on and staying on with no discerable effect on performance? Obviously I am running it in and have not exceeded 3300 RPM (apart from one instance were it just got the better of me!!) The light came on for fifty miles then went out and when taken back to the dealer no fault could be found. As soon as I got it home the light cameon and stayed on for 100 miles with the engine, on idle, struggling to keep firing and cutting out - even blipping the throttle did nothing. PLEASE can anyone help as the dealer couldn't find a fault and I am a bit worried! (I also put Super unleaded fuel in - long shot I know!) If anyone has any ideas thoughts or equal experiecnes then let me know! Thanks guys - and I have to say my god this MG doesn't half handle well! To finish can I say that the sales team at Priory MG Nottingham (Mansfield Road) are the best team I have ever come across - Richard, Stuart and Robin moved heaven and earth to get the car for me - many thanks to them and can I whole heartedly recommend them for your next MG purchase!

Many Thanks

Roger Burgess


New one on me, it certainly isn't a 'common' fault, sounds serious though. Get it checked out and keep going back 'till they find something. Sounds like an intermittant MEMS failure to me, could be something as simple as a dodgy sensor sending 'wrong' signals to the MEMS and thus causing it to default to 'safe mode'.

My advice to you is to get the dealership to replace the MEMS first and see if that helps. If it doesn't, then one of the sensors is likely to be to blame, again replace under warrantee.

Good luck and let us know how you get on OK?

Scarlet Fever

It'll be the MIL lamp flagging up an emission related fault. Get it looked at asap.

If it's any help I had the same problem on my shiny new repmobile (Citroen). It seems that the latest emmission control systems are very sensitive and can give problems during the first 1500 miles or so. Mine went from a permanent fault indication to an intermittent indication to no indication at all over 1000 miles from new. The dealer checked it twice, reset the software, found nothing and the problem went away when the engine was run in.

Thanks for the comments guys - It appears to have been looked at - no faults on the old computer as can be expected! It does appear to be a little better after the running in period (it has done about 500 miles now and is very very quick incidentally!) It is now just bunny hopping at low revs and refuses to idle correctly! The dealer said it was a tight throttle cable and loosened it a bit - seems to have sorted it a bit - Brian thanks for the comment and the MIL is what and an emmission fault could cause high fuel consumption as it appears to be vapour locking on the tank as well as doing 20 MPG!!! Just as well i love the car to drive over 2000 RPM really or I would be seriously annoyed!

Any comments gratefully accepted!


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