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MG MGF Technical - Roll hoops and a gear knob

I fitted my X power roll hoops on Saturday. They were quite easy BUT I have only been able to use 1 bolt. The hoops are fitted by fitting two mounting plates around the seatbelt mounts, refitting all the trim and then bolting the hoops to the brackets.

The problem seems to be that the brackets could do with being a touch further apart as the bar that supports the hoops rubs dowwn the welds that hold the end pieces to the brackets, I guess an angle grinder to make the roll hoop bar slightly wider will need to be used.

Thanks to Will et al who suggested cutting the gear lever down to improve the gearchange. I cut mine off where the gearlever starts to widen out below the thread and fitted a chrome gear knob (9.99 down the market). A really effective mod, the gearchange seems quite snickety now.
Kevin s

Kevin, I am surprised that the second bolt would not fit. If the T-bar subframe and the inertia reels fitted back in fine, then there ought not be a problem with aligment on the holes... Silly question I know, but are the brackets fitted okay?

Rather than modify the car to fit the hoops, I'd rather elongate a mounting hole...
Rob Bell


The brackets are fitted correctly, I guess the tight fit is down to manufactoring tolerances!!

The brackets are fitted to the car by the two bolts each side that hold the hood on and the inertia reel bolts. These hoops sit behind the T-bar above the carpet trin.

I was not intending modifying the car but the chrome bar that the hoops are part of. It is a square C shape and the ends just seem to run down the welds where the bits with the bolt holes are welded to the brackets (all part of the kit)

I know that is a bit confusing but its as if the brackets aren't far enough apart by about 2mm (I had the second bolt in but the bar is just to high to allow the bolt all the way through.
Kevin s

So the hoop bar fits down onto the brackets okay and the only problem is that the second bolt will not align with the holes? That is very annoying. It's no help to you, but mine went together with no problems whatsoever.

Have you got any pix of the misalignment?
Rob Bell

Unfortunately not, if you imagine trying to line up 4 holes, the first two are slightly out so the bolt sits pointing up instaed of level? I can feel the bolt end but just can't get enough through the second pair of holes, like I say only 2mm out so an angle grinder will remove a bit of metal and allow the bar to sit down a touch lower.

Its not made any easier as I have a Mike Satur glass windstop that is in the way, my fault as I don't think they are designed to go together but they look the dogs. The glass touches the rool hoops but I have fitted some screen edge as seen on Motorbikes, if you know what I mean and this keeps the glass from touching the hoops.
Kevin s

Hopefully you'll get it sorted soon Kevin - it does sound as though that end of the bar is sitting fractionally too high. Very irritating!
Rob Bell

The really annoying part is that if I get the side in that doesn't fit at the moment, then the opposite side then doesn't fit - aaarrrggghhh
Kevin s

m e johnson

my hoops took about 2 weeks to arrive, give Sue at X-Power a call to find out what the problem was.

The department seem very understaffed as my delay was due to the creditcard company requesting authorisation from them (as they felt it was a fradulant request for some reason) but X-Power never called them back or me back.

It was only after a week when I started chasing the order that I found out (although my bank did try and contact me). With in minutes of talking to someone, everything was sorted, and they arrived the next day :o)

Its good to talk ;o)

Les Piggot


I had exactly the same problem as you describe. In the end I removed one of the hardtop brackets (I don't intend to fit a hardtop) and this allowed the brackets to sit further apart. The bracket, if in doubt, is the little bit of formed metal that becomes free when you've unbolted the hood.

I have pictures somewhere if they would help.
Neil Stothert

Got p*%$&*%d off with them not fitting so I took them to task last night, it only took a tiny amount of filing with a hand file and the bad side dropped down beautifully and the bolt slid in.

My MS glass windbreak vibtarted really badly against the hoops, I thought it was going to smash (95mph) but I slowed and it was OK. I turned the hinges for the windbreak down and it was OK this morning, trouble is, the wind pushes the windbreak down into the passenger area, I may have to turn the hinges back as they should be and file them down a bit so the hinge opens a bit more.

The hoops took less than 2 weeks to arrive, time the cheque cleared, they said Tuesday and they arrived on Tuesday. But they weren't from X power or MGR, they were from an Ebay site - E car parts, they still seem to be selling them on Ebay, I seem to have paid the least of all those I have seen sold.
Kevin s


Very quickly - but that was partly because Neil was kind enough to collect them for me as he was 'in the area'!

Les is right though - drop them a line - they're a helpful and friendly bunch. Hopefully they'll be able to sort the order out for you. I know that the silver metal hoops have long been sold out - no idea about the polished ones though?

Kevin, good news that you've managed to get the thing to fit! I'm sure that you'll solve the windstop issue soon too :o) Keep us posted! :o)
Rob Bell

I'm going to have to pull my finger out and get some ordered then as they seem to be going like hot cakes.

Re the windstop, I spotted that Nik & Anita had a MS glass stop fitted with theirs (which is the main reason I am now going to get some hoops) and donated a couple of those clear rubber blobs you get for kitchen cupboard doors. Stuck to the glass in the right place should sort out the horrible rattle.

If your out there Nik & Anita, did it work, or was it only really suitable for a temporary fix?
Phil Brindley - Leicester

My hoops arrived today one month since ordering BUT look where I live, Very good service as came by sea mail ( air mail to expensive ).I will atempt to fit tomorrow, and hope I don't have any problems. Well I have one, my windstop will have to go.
Andrew Regens

The recent roll hoop promotion went better than expected with the 300 sets of Silver hoops selling out in 2 days, and the Stainless ones following shortly after. A few Dealers bought large quantities for stock so there should still be a few sets out there in the Network if you ask around.

The promotion didn't take off as well in Europe so consequently there are a few hoops still in the European warehouses, they will be bought back to the UK in the next few weeks to satisfy UK backorders. If you have some hoops on order (Silver or Stainless) then you should see them in a few weeks, if you want a set ask your local MGR Dealer to order them for you and you'll receive them in due course - provided there isn't a mad rush in Europe of course!

Glad to see our friends down under didn't miss out. Best of luck with fitting them...
C Bentley

Well it was a bugger to fit, drivers side out, ground down to fit. Also has a little dimple on one of the hoops (a travelling accident?)BUT they look GOOD.
Andrew Regens

I fitted mine 2 weeks ago and found the same problem but only if you fit the hoops one side at a time. The answer is 2 people, one each side, lower the hoop assembly onto the brackets evenly and they fit like a glove.
Kelvin Fay

thanks ... hoops came tues and fitted them on saturday . thanks rob for the instructions ,made life a lot easier ,just had to grease the bracket to fix hoops as atight fit .
m e johnson

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