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MG MGF Technical - Rolling road at Emerald on Saturday

Folks, we've got our rolling road day on Saturday, and all MGs are welcome!

We've got somewhere between 14-17 cars booked in, so there's space at this late hour to come along if you're interested and can make it to Norfolk (

I spoke to Dave Walker a little earlier today - he'd like to get started a little later than initially planned - 10am rather than 9am.

I propose we still meet as previously agreed (off J28 on the A14 outside Cambridge) at 0730 - but then take advantage of popping into the MGOC HQ when it opens at 0900 and then head up to Emerald thereafter.

How does that suit you folks?
Rob Bell

Sounds good Rob - I've never been to Swavesey and so that would be interesting to see.
Dave Livingstone

not a good idea, IIRC (from bitter turning up at 9am) they open at 10 and close at 4
Will Munns

>>they open at 10 and close at 4

Oh dear - maybe we should pop over to see Will's midget :-)
Dave Livingstone


Well, if Will's garage is open to visitors at 9am on Saturday, then I for one would love to see how his Midget is coming along! :o)
Rob Bell


Couple of quick questions, more for future reference though. How much is the day ? and will they take 4 wheel drive cars ?

I'm doing stuff on Saturday, otherwise I might have been interested.

Neil Sutton

Rob's away picking up his car from Techspeed, but I've spoken with him and we're still going to meet up at 8am for brekkie at the services at J28 on the A14.

We'll have loads of time as we don't need to get to Emerald until 10am, but we thought it best to keep with the plan that had been posted on various boards.

The MGOC HQ plan is cancelled as it doesn't open until 10am.

Neil, the amount varies depending on the number of cars on the day, but roughly 25-30 each. They do have four-wheel drive capability, but frankly the main attraction of Emerald is Dave Walker's K-series expertise. You might be better taking the Scooby somewhere more local.

Dave Livingstone

Dave, now understand going all the way to Norfolk, hadn't put two and two together.... Have a good time.

Neil Sutton

Neil, G-Force is a good place to go for Scoobies - they have a lot of tuning experience with these cars. Similar charge too: 25-30 per car :o)

Well, a good day! :o) Despite the snow and cold, had a terrific time. Fitted a new filter to Kingsley's beast and helped Steve fit his FSE 'Power Boost' valve. Yet another demonstration that slight alterations from the ideal stoichiometry have little benefit on power or torque (if any additional evidence were necessary).

At an estimated 126bhp @ the flywheel I definitely feel the need for more POWER! ;o)

Kingsley, what do you think of your car now - with the new airbox and the open-loop disabled on the ECU?

And I wonder what fuel economy savings you saw Steve?

Not sure when the next RR day will be - perhaps a little later in the year? If any one is interested, please let me know :o)
Rob Bell

Yes thanks to Dave, Rob and all at MGoT and Emerald for a great day - it really made my day to find out that my nominally 122BHP standard 1.8 K Seven was actually putting out 131BHP max and over 125 lb/ft on the torque figures!!! :-D Cool!

Dave at Emerald reckoned I could get to 160 in the first instance and on to around 200 with a second or third stage of mods. Just gotta get a few track and handling days under my belt with the car now and I know I will feel a distinctly incurable case of 'upgraditis' coming on! ;-)

Drove back roofless with the snow coming down - absolutely bl**dy freezing cold but loads of fun to think that everyone else was looking at me all wrapped up driving a totally open car and thinking I was a total nutter! ;-o

Rob - would definitely be interested in another RR day at some point though it's probably more likely after I've upgraded the car a bit!

Thanks once again to MGoT and to Emerald for setting this up,


Good to see you too Caroline - and the new Caterham looks stunning! How cold was the trip home for you though???

Yes, really useful day - the next one won't be until I've had a chance to make some changes to my own car (a decent exhaust manifold is certainly on the cards!!!) So watch this space... :o)
Rob Bell

<Drove back roofless with the snow coming down - absolutely bl**dy freezing cold but loads of fun to think that everyone else was looking at me all wrapped up driving a totally open car and thinking I was a total nutter! ;-o >

They wouldn't be wrong either :-)

Ted Newman

Hehe it was pretty cold - wasn't too bad through Norfolk, especially as there are some GREAT (scamera free :-) driving roads around there to distract me from the cold, but it did get a bit chilly later on as I decided to blast down the motorway to get home before dark and it started snowing just as I got past Stansted. Didn't settle though so I could still keep up a 'reasonable' speed - which meant that while I wasn't quite frozen to the steering wheel resembling a human shaped icicle by the time I got into central London, it wasn't that far off!!

Snow started again just as I passed Clapham Common so the flakes were falling all over me and on the windscreen as I was driving along - which was actually quite a magical feeling - in a strange kind of way!!! ;-) And yes I guess that really does prove that I am officially a nutter (and proud of it!) ;-)

Rob - looks like we will both have to compare notes after the next round of upgraditis then! :-)



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