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MG MGF Technical - Roof won't close!

Hello there,

I have a 1998 S reg F. Over the past few weeks the roof has become increasingly difficult to close. Firstly because it feels too small, and takes a great deal of strength to enable the catch to be closed, and secondly the catches have drifted off centre.

Does some adjustment need to be done? Any ideas?

PS fantastic in this weather though.
J Phillips

>the catches have drifted off centre

???? both in different or into the same direction right or left ?
Sounds for me like anything with bent hood frame or any blockage ?
I'm sorry, more details required.
The only adjustment for the hood *closing force* are two wires. One on each side. Normally they come loose, or the fabric gets wider and they need to be pulled stronger, but never get *shorter*.

Dieter K.

I often find if the hood is left open for long periods then the clips are difficult to close - but you dont want them too sloppy.

Ted Newman


Not much help but my hood is difficult from left catch first but no problem from right catch.

There is some adjustment on the catch on the hood: lift the wire retainer in the catch and adjust the hex adjuster. Looks better than it sounds.

But, it sounds like a frame problem - check all the screws where the frame pivots, I had one which unscrewed whenever I put the hood back up; fixed with screw stop.

Also, there have been problems with the frame when putting the hood down - I beleive it requires a push on the second x-rail; could this be a problem when putting up? Could it now require a pull instead?
John Ponting


I had a similar problem....but I found that a drop of WD40 on each of the hinge joints (and there's a few) helped a lot. As with John, my hood closes easier if I close the drivers side catch first and then the passenger side...don't know why but it does. Have you removed your rear screen at all? If so make sure that it's not too tight when zipped up as this may result in increased tention across the hood and thus a closing problem.

Dunno if you do this already, but I find if you lower each window by an inch or so before closing the catches it makes it much easier.

Rover recommend you lubricate every moving joint in the hood every spring, and I stand to be corrected Colin, but if you need to lower the windows to close the roof properly, I think you need new window stops.


Kieren Gibson

Thanks everybody.

WD40 on all the moving joints of the roof has done the trick. It's now easier to close and the latches are aligned again. There must have been asymmetrical stiffness of some of the joints.
J Phillips

Now I know why I see so many 'F's with their hoods up !

Seriously.....WD40 is not a good's a water disperser which leaves a sticky deposit, silicone grease or even Vaseline would be a better lubricant.

Please waive at us !!!

Mike (mgb roadster)
Michael barnfather

>> Please waive at us !!! <<

We do, but you never wave back! ;-)

Seriously, there are a large number of F/TF owners who 'just like the car' and don't give a monkeys about the MG scene. It's gonna happen with a new / fairly new car that is selling in large numbers - you get a mixed bag of owners and only some of them will be as enthusisatic about the car and marque as we are.

If it's any consolation, i drive a Zed car as well and count myself very lucky to get a wave from other MGs, some of it is about recognising the car in time, also if the journey is a new one, then the driver may have other things on thier mind (i know that if i'm lost for instance waving to other MGs is the last thing i think about!)

Persevere mate, try to educate other MG owners on a route you do regularly - eventually they will click what it's all about and then it's just a matter of personal choice on thier part.

If i spot you, then i'll wave, can't say more than that really. :-)

Scarlet Fever

>> Please waive at us !!! <<
>We do, but you never wave back! ;-)

.... passed a dark green MGB on the motorway *Autobahn A5* in DE location exit Alsfeld East in last week. We both had the roof down.
I waved like mad, but I fear I was to fast so the B driver realised a roaring *silver shadow* passing by only. Anyway, I wasn't able to see any arm when looking back ;)
Me had app. 210 the MGB I think only 100, (km/h, though)

PS. keeps waving, of course !!
Dieter K.

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