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MG MGF Technical - Rotation/rotary coil replacement

My rotation/rotary coil is broken or dislodged (behind the steering wheel, can't remember what its called).

I wish to check the "damage" by taking the steering wheel off and having a look to check that its not just come loose before I have it replaced at vast cost.

bearing in mind the airbag is in there, what steps should I take to remove the steering wheel?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

On a further unrelated note, the F let me down for the first time in 25000 miles this morning. The damn throttle cable got stuck (probably frayed haven't checked yet). At first, the engine wouldn't rev down which was anoying on corners, then it just went right up to 7k and wouldn't come back.

I had to uncouple the cable at the engine end, turn the adjuster right over so I had an idle of about 3000 revs. Then I limped home in my lower gears. :o( I pulled the carpets up by the drivers door and found the cable and, on pulling it during driving it gave me an extra 20% or so, just enough to accelerate slightly at a couple of junctions!

It would happen on a freezing morning...


I suggest you get yourself a copy of the workshop manual where it will tell you how and what.

Airbags should not be messed with!

Ted Newman

Thats what I thought Ted, but surely the steering wheel can be removed without having to be an expert in airbagness?

what I'm trying to do is take a look at it before giving the work to a qualified technician, as I know if I take it to Rover they will simply slap a new one on, = great cost. That I will do if need be though.

I heard somewhere that the battery should be disconnected and the car left for 15 minutes before attempting any work even remotely relating to the airbag. Is this true?

Can't you see by removing the upper and lower column cover.
Tony Smith

The manual says

"Remove key from starter switch, disconnect both battery leads, earth first, wait 10 minutes to allow the SRS circuit to fully discharge".

It then goes on about not giving it any shocks, it must be caried and stored with the pad surface up, don't rest anything on it. If no desegnated storage area is available lock it in the boot. The temperature should not exceed 85 degrees C. Any of the above can cause it to deploy.

It then goes on to talk about, not modifying the wiring and that the air bag unit is classed as an explosive device.
Tony Smith

Thanks Tony, thats exactly what i needed to know.

In answer to your question, no you can't see any more by doing this. I can already see that the end of the coil (the ribbon wire) is loose.

Cheers, I'll remember to wear my protective gogs if I attempt to remove it.

Dont mess with things you dont know about I have seen first hand the in volentry operation of a loose air bag the technician corncerned nose will never be the same shape again the brusies went after a few weeks so i am told, dont worry it wasnt on a F that this happened it was a renault

I take it is the air bag light is on the fault will need to be cleared from the memory anyway safest bet take it to the dealer.
mark the tech

Julian, why not wearing a helmet when undertaking this job ? :)))

Ta all

The coil thingy isn't as expensive as i thought anyway, so I might just chicken out...

(still expensive at 77.75+VAT and of course the labour, for a part that shouldn't have broken in the first place and no, it isn't under warranty...)

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