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MG MGF Technical - Rover 820 airbox + K&N airfilter for sale

We are saying goodbye to our 1999 MGF VVC :-(
As an expanding young family we need something bigger and therefor ordered a new MG ZS.

Some bits and pieces which we added through the years to the MG are now for sale.
Most important one is a Rover 850 airbox with K&N 57i airfilter.
Pictures and more info can be found on

I'm not sure if I will sell the throttlebody too because maybe it can be placed on the new ZS. Can anyone tell me what TB (48mm or 52mm) is standard fitted to a new MG ZS 120?

Thank you
Geert Maes

120PS engine... 48mm TB

52mm TB is fitted to the 135PS and 160PS engines only IIRC.

You could also fit the K+N and airbox as well... ;-)

Scarlet Fever

Thank you, SF !

"You could also fit the K+N and airbox as well... ;-)"


must resist temptation ! no more darkside !!! money and attention must go to family first...


Do you think the 820 airbox will fit ? Looks like there is not so much place although I didn't had a chance to have a good look at it.
And where should the air inlet hose go too ? I don't want water/rain going into filter and engine

Doh !!!!!!!

The 820 airbox definitely fits in the ZS - a fair number have been fitted by owners of the ZS180 with very impressive results! :o)
Rob Bell

Poor Geert, the pull of the darkside is strong with this one and all for free as well!

Yep, i know for a fact that the ITG Maxogen fits with the KV6 engine in the ZS engine bay, so the (dimensionally almost identical) Rover 800 airbox will fit with the (smaller) 1.8 K4 engine in the ZS with no real problems. :-)

Not sure where the best place for the inlet pipe is, i have sen a fog lamp removed and the pipe installed to the opening here - this is fine if you are after a ram air effect, but i am not convinced this is the best way of getting air to an enclosed filter as the turbulence caused by the fast moving air will upset the flow dynamics within the enclosure. ITG recommend putting the end of the hose at right angles to the air stream (typically under the car, facing down - not good due to the water intake problem) and we have had good results with it placed in the high pressure, but minimal air flow area of the side air intake on the F (but the ZS doesn't appear to have a similar vent to make use of). So i have no real idea of the best place in this case, maybe asking the question on the Zed board on here, or indeed one of the other forums (likely to get a faster, more detailed response).

Scarlet Fever

Just a thought, i note you said you were getting a *new* ZS 120.

You aren't by any chance getting the 180 body kit (including side vents) are you? On the (new) ZS 180 the side vents are blocked off, but from my (brief) inspection, it appears to be a reasonable proposition to convert them to opperational. Might be an avenue worth persuing if you have ordered the kit...


Scarlet Fever

Yes, it a new ZS 120 with the body kit.
I will have a look to see if the side vents can be made opperational without any damage (don't want to be killed by the misses!!)

"maybe asking the question on the Zed board on here, or indeed one of the other forums"

Can you give me some links ?

thanks !

I've seen an 820i housing fitted to a ZS180, so there probably is room in the 120 also. In this particular installation the housing was on its side, with the the 'inlet' of the box connected to the inlet hose on the engine. The cold air hose was then connected to the bottom of the 820i. I don't know what filter they had in the housing, but if it was a 57i then the air would be drawn out of the filter rather than through it.

One of the other forums:


Hi Geert !
I see that my former airbox and 52mm TB will have to find a new home again...! (well, rather a new MG ;o)
I am nearly tempted to buy the airbox back, but I think it won't fit in the TF engine compartment because of the "cross bars"...
Good luck with the ZS en veel plezier met de baby ;o)


BTW, I still have a Momo black leather gearknob, a Mike Satur polished aluminum handbrake lever + button, 2 Union jack/chequered flags badges (like Trophy/TF side badges) and a 3rd stoplight. Anyone interrested ?

Those cross bars are a pain Fabrice - could be possible to fit the airbox, but positioning would be critical. But this is probably the reason why ITG have redesigned the Maxogen (now a similar orientation to the Viper/Vader/Taipan filter kits).
Rob Bell



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